Dubai is one of those cities that will not leave you indifferent. And, honestly, I think it is worth spending at least one day touring this new world giant. Now it concentrates on the tallest building in the world , next to the largest shopping center in the world, the most luxurious hotel in the world, the largest aquarium in the world … even the largest indoor ski slope in the world! In short, the ‘everything’ plus ‘whatever’ in the world.

What you must know before traveling to Dubai :

 – Documentation : a valid passport is required for at least 6 months from the date of travel, and it is essential that it does not have an Israeli stamp. Entry visa is not processed.

 – Climate : in Dubai it is always hot, although in the months of July / August it can reach 50 degrees, so it is better to avoid those months.

 – What to bring : although very international Dubai is still a Muslim country, so there are rules that must be followed. In hotel areas / shopping centers there are no restrictions, but for visits it is better to dress conservatively, nothing above the knees and try to cover the shoulders / neckline, in the case of women. Men have no restrictions.

– Gastronomy : as in all Arab countries, alcohol is not drunk, and you will only find it in certain restaurants and hotels. They don’t eat pork either, so forget the jabugo ham. For the rest, being a country with more than 80% foreign population and with the aim of having everything, you will find all kinds of food: Indian, European, Arabic, etc. and in addition to the best quality, since they have to import all the products, they import the best!

What most do not know. Hotel, food and free transfer.

If you fly with Emirates and make a stopover between 8 and 24 hours, there is a service called ‘ Dubai Connect ‘ in which you can request a hotel night . In addition, meals are included during the stay and the transfer to it from the airport and vice versa. Yes yes, all this for FREE !

If the stopover is at night, the hotel takes advantage of much more, unless you want to spend the day inside it. It was not my case and I simply used it to take a shower and have a spectacular breakfast buffet to start a long day. However there are alot of options available for you, if you want to hire a rental car or hire ferrari Dubai

What to see in Dubai in one day?

Burj Khalifa

Without a doubt, he is the star of Dubai. The tallest building in the world with its imposing 828 meters .

Special mention for the  water, light and sound show that they perform at the base.

Taking a close-up photograph is practically mission impossible 🙂

Jumeirah Mosque

The   most important mosque in Dubai and an architectural marvel .

It is the only one that ‘ non-Muslims ‘ can access, although the hours are very limited.

Dubai Marina

A man-made port  surrounded by skyscrapers very close to the famous artificial palm tree in the sea , which can only be seen from the sky.

Is 1 day in Dubai worth it?

I think it has become clear that it is not necessary to spend a lot to enjoy an amazing day in Dubai , the capital ‘most of the world’. And if you have the money and you want to spend it all, too. Also checkout: Overview Of LMS

Perhaps some of their practices, due to the religion they follow, are not to everyone’s liking. They have very strict laws regarding clothing, relationships in public, homosexuality, alcohol … If you are looking for a destination to party, get drunk and declare your love to the four winds, better choose another. But if you are looking for a city that is absolutely different from the rest, as you have seen, Dubai is a perfect destination! Another world…

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