Cold weather’s arrival signals the air turning crisp and you might see frost occasionally. So, it is important for you to prepare your furnace in order to survive freezing temperatures or the first snowstorm.

Here are some ways to ensure that your Brivis heater is well maintained and fully repaired by a professional in Truganina to keep you warm throughout the season.

  1. Turn on the thermostat: Make sure that the temperature is a couple of degrees higher than your current room temperature in order to switch from cooling to heating. Take off the cover to ensure that the wire connections are secure in case you don’t hear the heat kick sound within a minute. Check whether the power source is connected to the HVAC system if all the connections are placed properly. Well, you might need to hire a professional in Derrimut to get your Brivis heater repair even after examining the blower and heat pump.
  2. Change the air filters: There are greater chances of allergens and toxins sticking with the air present in your room during winters as the doors and windows mostly remains closed. So, you should replace the air filters that are behind the vent grill in the wall or ceiling or the HVAC system every few months. You may even wash and reuse the permanent electrostatic filter (in case you have any). Ensuring that the filters are cleaned and regularly replaced extends the duration of the HVAC system by keeping the particles away. You must set and change the humidifier filters if the HVAC has a humidifier.
  3. Cover your AC condenser: You are not supposed to cover your HVAC unit if it is a heat pump as it runs throughout the year however, the air conditioner needs to be covered in order to protect it from hail and debris and to ensure that the ice doesn’t collect if it is a traditional unit. You may even use a large trash can lid secured with bungee cords for this purpose.
  4. Clean the heat exchanger: If the unit of your Brivis heater is disabled then it will have to be repaired and vacuumed annually by hiring a trained professional in Truganina. Our Singh’s aircon’s technicians will ensure that there are no leaks into your house due to the explosion of carbon monoxide caused by any cracks. You must get these ruptures fixed as it could lead to deaths and injuries.
  5. Lubricate and clean the bowler motor: Check if your motor needs lubricating, if yes then clean the caps of your Brivis Heater that covers the bearing by switching off the power button and removing the cover.
  6. Test the igniter switch: Newer furnaces have an electronic igniter switch whereas, an older system always needs the igniter switch to be properly checked. The igniter switch can easily work by pressing the reset button or checking the breaker however, you might need to hire a professional if it still doesn’t do the job.
  7. Clear the area around your heater: Give your furnace or heater some space that it requires to breathe and make sure that nothing falls onto it that might lead to fire. Clear the area around the Brivis heater appliance by removing objects like furniture, storage boxes, etc.
  8. Replace old appliances if necessary: If your Brivis heater needs to be repaired every now and then even after continuous cleaning and checking then it you must consider to replace it with a more reliable and efficient model. These newer models would be quite helpful in reducing your electricity bills as they require less power and heat which will ensure that less heat gets wasted. Also, they are more durable that would lead to less breakouts hence, saving your money from repairs.
  9. Avoid fire hazards: Replace batteries and units if necessary, remove any clutter around the heating unit and test your smoke detectors in order to avoid any fire hazards. Fully inspect the equipment in order to ensure the safety of your family members.
  10.  Prepare your home: Ensure that your doors and windows are fully sealed as it would keep the heat trapped and replace any old weather stripping so as to prepare your home completely from any future risks.

Ensuring the maintenance of your Brivis heater can be a daunting task that might require professional help. At Singh’s aircon, you get the best professional help in Derimut as we fully inspect and repair your heater to make sure that it is up to date and runs efficiently to keep you safe throughout the season.

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