Instagram templates are pre-designed layouts and formats that assist users in creating visually compelling material. These layouts are intended to dazzle your Instagram followers—to infuse your posts with a sense of elegance.

It is, however, rather simple to use templates incorrectly! This post will cover four of the myriad ways brands and businesses misuse Instagram themes.

1. Constantly utilizing an excessive number of Instagram template apps and tools

To be sure, these tools are intended to present you with a collection of pre-made patterns from which to choose. As a result, each of the apps includes an extensive library of templates. However, hopping from one app to the subsequent searching for the perfect template implies no idea what you want.

Now the question is, what characteristics should you seek in Instagram templates. There are numerous possibilities available, but you must ensure that you choose the best. Therefore, concentrate on selecting the most appropriate medium for your message. Often, having too many options puts you in a pickle, as you want to experiment with every template you come across.

Consider the following points when selecting an Instagram template:

• Check that the size is current. Additionally, if the template is a Story template, double-check that it is the correct portrait size.

  • You should be able to distinguish between main-feed and Instagram stories templates. You want to avoid mingling them.

• If your brand is one-of-a-kind, you may find that no template fits perfectly. In these instances, it’s better to choose fully adjustable designs that allow for the addition of a few elements.

  • Adjustments may require you to use editing apps, which are quite simple to master as long as you understand the desired end.

• The most effective method of increasing the reach of your Instagram post or Story is to incorporate interactive components. When you utilize a template again, keep an eye out for some of the following features: surveys, questions and answers, gifs, and hashtags.

  • The template should have some elements that will attract attention and compel followers to respond.

• Select something adaptable—something that can accommodate as many design possibilities as your imagination allows. Thus, your posts will not appear monotonous or repetitive.

  • However, take care not to jeopardize your brand’s style, appearance, or visual consistency in the process.

2. Incorrect visual theme selection

  • Your visual layout should be one-of-a-kind, visually beautiful, and engaging to your audience. Prospects will easily recognize your brand if you adhere to your concept.
  • Choose a template that is not only visually appealing but also contains vibrant hues. Choose just a template that is consistent with your brand and highlights the unique characteristics of your products or services.
  • Interestingly, while these commercials have a reputation for making little sense, Heineken’s visual concept remains outstanding. Because they do it so well, you can tell within five seconds of watching the commercial that it is a Heineken advertisement.

• While it is prudent to match your product’s color to an appropriate font, visual theming extends beyond that. Consider the way you incorporate emojis and stickers as well.

• Style is another critical factor. Pick a good style that complements the rest of your material.

• A frequent occurrence is when brands present information about a new product launch in a collage format. This manner is frequently somewhat perplexing, and your visitors may not immediately comprehend your facts.

3. Assuming that Instagram layouts would handle everything

Typically, these pre-designed layouts are made as generic as possible to facilitate their use by a large number of people. That means that regardless matter whether the item is free or a few bucks, you must incorporate some innovation.

IG templates make it more difficult to differentiate oneself. This is not to diminish their significance; rather, it guarantees that they are used properly. Never overlook the need to incorporate some uniqueness.

 Creating distinctive Instagram templates

These layouts have gotten so popular on Instagram that users can tell when a post is a template. Allow me to illustrate with a brief examination of an example.

Consider providing a template of inspiring quotes about entrepreneurship, with messages that have no bearing on your entrepreneurial experience or the interests of your followers.

The point is that you should avoid blindly adopting Instagram templates—even if they are paid for. Now consider a brand that specializes on, say, nursing moms’ items in Africa. Using internet templates to create quotations for buy Instagram likes uk is possible.

While this method will not promote your brand as effectively as real-life advice from African mothers’ experiences, it will nonetheless generate engagements. You can use enticing text styles and backgrounds as long as your content is unique.

4. Integrating your social media networks in such a way that all of your posts are the same

While specific social networks (or even parent corporations) share many similarities, each caters to a distinct demographic. Your Instagram followers and Facebook fans may represent a wide range of ages.

Utilizing animated Instagram Story templates may not be as cool as sharing it on your Facebook Stories, where the majority of your work colleagues are likely to be pals.

Thus, copying a template from a Facebook post to Instagram may not be sufficient—at least not in 2021. Diverse platforms exhibit a range of trends, features, and user behaviors.

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