We all have different expectations as well as tastes and that is why we demand differently. But there are some places that need to hold the demands of every kind of visitor or guest and one of such places is the hotels. The hotels are boosting the travel industry to a whole new level. Earlier the people and the hotel owners were just concerned with the stay but they are offering much more. Both parties have come a long way. 

The hotel owners focus on almost every type of visitor like family guests, solo guests, couple guests, business travelers, casual guests, etc. They are offering services and amenities based on the type of travelers as well. Like the business travelers will have nothing to be concerned with the romantic décor, etc. So that is why they have classified their guests. If you are searching for hotels near Medanta then you must know that they are now offering too much. Some of the newly added features nowadays by the hotels are:

  • Private balcony feels: The hotels are now following the social media trends as we all know that we are now photogenic and social media has made us like this. We love to click pictures with a view, food with a view, coffee with a view, and so on. That is why they are now offering private balconies to every guest staying in their hotel so that they can enjoy their stay. 
  • Public and private gardens: They have started offering the facility of the public and private garden inside the hotel only. You can enjoy your stay in a private garden with your partner or with your family. You can also be a part of the public garden to enjoy the people around you. 
  • Facility for every type of traveler: As we have already discussed that hotels have classified their guests and they are now serving every kind of guest. They are offering the facilities for the business and leisure traveler as well. For the business travelers, some private space, benches, printing facilities, etc are offered inside their room only. So, you can enjoy being any type of traveler in a hotel. 
  • Private restaurants or eateries: The hotels are now having their private cafes, restaurants, etc so that the guests of their hotel can order and enjoy their meal while being in the hotel only. You don’t have to search for the best food or cuisine restaurants near you as you can find the one within the premises only. You can enjoy meals in hotel rooms as well and it will serve your midnight cravings as well. 
  • Play area: So if you are traveling with your kids then you must need the play area space for them so that they can have their fun. They are offering rides, a swimming pool, indoor games, etc for the kids.

So, these are some of the newly added trends in the hotels for a better stay experience for the guests. Search for the Gurugram best hotels for your stay to choose the best one.