Online shopping is preferred by everyone these days. Digital revolution is the reason behind it. And the recent covid 19 pandemics have also encouraged many buyers to consider online shopping. Not all buyers trust services that are provided through online shopping because it turns out to be fake many times. To avoid such a situation, it is important to know about certain tips that will help in avoiding such scams.

  1. Use well-known sites
  2. Look for the lock
  3. Create strong passwords
  4. Check statements
  5. Knowing merchant
  6. Avoid the too good attitude
  7. Don’t rust excess information
  8. Check the shipping terms
  9. Avoid shopping in public places

Use well-known sites

There are many online shopping sites used to buy products but beware that there can be fake s9ites as well. Only ho for well-known sites to avoid any scams. Use a secure website that has HTTPS in the address. Try to find out more about them by reading the reviews. Those websites that want to improve their business will always want to know how to create a Wikipedia page. And they will build Wikipedia which will help you in knowing more about them.

Look for the lock

Be careful while shopping online through your credit card. If the site requires you to go through a credit card then you must keep in mind that it should have a secure socket layer. This layer protects the data of the buyer. Data is protected by encryption. Identifying such a website is very simple. There should be an s at the end of HTTP. It should be written like HTTPS. A website that doesn’t use a secure layer is also identified by google. Neglecting such websites is very important.

Create strong passwords

Many users only create a password when they are creating an account, which is not a good practice. The ratio of such people is 35 %. Creating strong passwords and changing them frequently y is the right thing to do. A password manager can be used for creating passwords. It helps in creating passwords that are not easy to crack. The ideal time to change the password is every 15 days. Make a habit of changing the password after every 15 days or a week.

Check statements

In this world of digital technology, almost everything has gone digital. E-statements can be generated after you create an account on the digital banking app. Waiting time gets vanished because now you don’t wait for the bill to arrive at your address. Log in and check all the invoices. See if any extra charges weren’t mentioned before. In that case, contact the concerned authority. The important thing to note here is that a credit card should be used to pay only when you are satisfied with the charges. Otherwise using a debit card is beneficial. 

Knowing merchant

Shopping from stores that you are familiar with is the best. Taking help is easy because you have been visiting the store too. In case of any problem visit the store and get it sorted.

Avoid the too good attitude

Many stores offer services and products at very low prices. This is a sign of a non-authentic store. They could have illegal means if attaining the items or they can provide a cheap substitute when it is delivered instead of the one shown in the picture. Such a store doesn’t even offer an exchange for damaged products. They can even scam you by offering a product and then delivering something else with the excuse that it is an alternative product. They are trying to sell you something else.

Don’t rust excess information

Only a limited amount of information is required for online shopping that included name, email, number, address band credit/debit card details. If a store asks for anything more than that, then it is suspicious and dangerous. Don’t ever give your driver’s license number and social security information to them. If they are trying to know more about your interests, the be are of them. They can use that information to fraud you. They might sell that information to others. Privacy is the main fact here.

Check the shipping terms

Many stores charge excessive shipping amounts that make the experience an expensive mistake. The goods or items should be delivered within ten days. Otherwise, it is not worth paying an extra fee for shipping.

Avoid shopping in public places

There are many people at the mall, where you won’t go shop from. If you are using a new eCommerce site, it requires you to enter Your credit card details. A three-digit pin is required that is written on the backside of the card. Consider buying ng from sites that you have already used. Entering such sensitive information at a public place could be risky. You never know who is looking or spying on you.


Being vulnerable to scams while shopping online is a real phenomenon. But to avoid such situation all the above-mentioned points be followed. Using trusted sites and changing passwords is necessary. Keeping track of the online statements is important. Take care while shopping in public places.