There can be times when you lose one or more of your teeth due to several reasons. The reasons might be cavity, an accident or the usual age factor. But whenever a person loses their teeth, the first thing that comes to their mind is going to a dentist. A Dentist, after properly examining your teeth, will suggest a perfect denture for you.

A denture can be used at the place where the teeth are missing. You can have either a full denture or partial denture as per your doctor’s recommendation.

Dentures and Their Types



If there is missing tooth in your mouth for no matter what reason, it tends to create many problems. Not only it can damage your smile, but loosens the other teeth as well. Therefore, a filing in is highly required.  it can be done after a period of 8 to 12 weeks since you have lost your teeth. After the denture has been transferred to the mouth of the patient, the patient would require visiting the dentist at least once a week for a minimum of 7 weeks.

There are various types of dentures available. One of them is bridges, and another one is implanted. Also, there is a misconception that dentures can change the way you look forever. It can indeed take some time to adjust in your mouth because gums get sores while the entire dentures are transferred. This can make your face look swollen for some time. You may feel a certain unease, or uncomfortable for several weeks or months but that is absolutely normal. You also may feel that the denture is getting loose but eventually, your tongue and cheek muscle will learn how to hold in the place. Speaking and eating may also get difficult, but everything gets back to normal with time and practice.

Dentures require very careful handling as they must be placed in the water or in the denture cleanser when removed. If kept in warm water, they might end up being damaged. A denture is made after analysing all the sizes, and a small amount of glue is required to stick them.

Listed below are different types of dentures that are used which can make you understand them better-

Complete Denture

These types of dentures are mostly used when people lose their teeth due to age factors or any other reason. They are not considered to be effective enough for someone trying to restore their teeth. In complete denture, there is a replacement of all your missing gums, tissue, and teeth.

Fixed Partial Dentures

They can put on the place of missing teeth with dental implants. As the name suggests, these types of dentures are not removable. They are generally used when a tooth is missing in-between of two strong natural teeth.

Removable Partial Dentures

They are easily removable and are built on a metal framework for durability. They are also comfortable as compared to others and are easily replaceable. They cannot be used when all the teeth are lost.

Immediate Dentures

They are removable and can be put into your mouth after taking out your teeth. It can allow you to eat properly, but it cannot be a long-term solution for you, and you have to look for other alternatives.


One of the advantages of dentures is that they will look as if your normal tooth is there and can be extremely comfortable. It can also help in chewing your food well.

Final Overview

Dentures can last for as long as 10 years if proper care is taken while handling them. Cracks in the entire denture require immediate medical attention. If you try to correct it yourself using the denture repair kit, it might end up causing more damage. Apart from all these, regular brushing of dentures will keep it stainless and void of food particles.

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