In this cramped environment, we hardly see greenery around us, and it becomes even more difficult for those who wish to live close to the nature. With no space around the building and workspace, having vertical garden has become trendy as it not only provides greenery but also give beautiful ambience to the space around us. Vegetal identity in Dubai and other places have now become common. 

Having a vertical garden is something that anyone can do as per their wish with their own plants. This is simply to make use of the space around you wisely and due to the highly productive system, it has now taken top position among the buildings in the urban places. The vertical garden varies between small and large garden space and plants growing in upward direction, it makes the ultimate use of them. 

Here in this article, we discuss some of the benefits of growing the vertical garden in your space:

Saves lot of space 

The main advantage of having vertical garden is that you can save lot of space. With the big apartment and luxury life, we often end up having a small or tiny space around us. These small spaces can be used for making the vertical garden and you can now pile up the plant vertically with lovely pots or flowers as you wish. 

Can allow you to plant different plants

In the space around you, the vertical garden is the best one you can have to allow you move closer to the nature. You can try planting more of flowering plants and other varieties that might give you a pleasant look and increase the ambience. You can start from ornamental, decorative and even grow herbs and vegetables to enhance the sense of gardening around you. 

Easy maintenance and safe

Another advantage of having the vertical garden is that you can maintain it easily and saves lot of time. Plants on the ground are not safe as they are taken by the animals or other unwanted weeds, while having them on the vertical keeps them safe. Having a vertical garden is much more comfortable and easier to maintain. 

Helps to protect your building 

The vertical garden can be layered on the outside walls of the building and thus forms as an insulation. This enables your building to keep cold and avoid heat transmitting inside. Thus, keeps you warmer and not allowing you to live in too colder environments. Its works as shield to insulate your building from all kinds of weather conditions. Vertical garden in Dubai and places protects the building from extreme heat and cold conditions. 

Other advantages of having the vertical garden include:

  • You can grow your own plants 
  • Can maintain privacy
  • You can reuse the waste from the vertical garden
  • Allows you to grow all kinds of plants


With the above benefits, you can start growing the vertical garden in the space around you and this keeps you energetic and refreshing throughout the day. This not only provides ambience to the building and space but also keeps your air fresh around you.