Writing a dissertation is not an easy task. You must have in-depth research and writing skills. Apart from this, there are several other things you should consider. Those are your dissertation topic, consulting credible sources and organising your ideas. All these things will help you write a good piece of writing. You will consider data collection based on your research topic. You can choose qualitative and quantitative data for your dissertation. You will choose primary data collection for qualitative research. There are several ways that you will consider for collecting primary data. The questionnaire is one of the most important ways to collect primary data. You can again use different techniques to collect valuable information in the questionnaire. Audience analysis is one the most important techniques you can consider. In this technique, you will focus on your targeted audience. This way, you will help yourself collect information for your PhD dissertation.

This article aims to discuss the role of audience analysis for a PhD dissertation writing service at affordable dissertation. It will also discuss the types of audience analysis. Apart from this, it will discuss how you can conduct it. So, let’s discuss in detail:

Why Should You Conduct Audience Analysis?

It is the very first question you should answer before conducting audience analysis. There are several answers to this question. Acknowledging the audience is one of the major reasons that answer this question. It will help you to appreciate their participation in your research. It will also help you to start your relationship with your audience. You will be able to get valuable answers for your research work. Your research topic will also help you select the audience for your work. So, you will select a good topic to attract your audience. You should make sure that your topic is clear. All this will help you to acknowledge your audience for your research.

Types of Audience Analysis:

There are three major types of audience analysis. Let’s discuss these types in detail:

  1. Demographic Analysis:

It is the first type of audience analysis. It will include several things like gender, age, and marital status. It will also discuss race, ethnicity and socioeconomic statuses. You will get to know the male to female ratio in this type. Apart from this, you will know their ages and all other things. But, how can you know these demographic aspects of your audience? You can know after talking to them. Apart from this, you can know this with the help of an organisation.

  1. Psychographic Information:

As mentioned earlier, we discussed demographic analysis. It will help you analyse several aspects of your audience. Grice and Skinner presented a model to analyse these aspects. This model will help you consider demographic analysis based on beliefs and behaviours. You will assign a value to each belief and behaviour. You can assign this value of health with a word or a phrase. This way, you will judge the answer as straightforward and verifiable. It will also help you to identify preexisting notions. It will help you limit the frame of reference for your audience. You will know these notions before addressing your audience. Later on, you can address these things while talking to them.

  1. Situational Analysis:

This type of analysis will focus on the characteristics of your audience. You will focus on these characteristics while relating to a situation. You can divide this situational analysis into two major parts, and those are:

  • How many people are listening to your speech, and why did they decide to come to listen to you? This way, you will know the motivation and interest level.
  • What is the physical environment in which you are addressing? This way, you will know the size of your audience.

How Can You Conduct Audience Analysis?

There are several ways you can conduct audience analysis for your research work. You can learn about different tools that can help you gather information. Apart from this, you can create effective tools for information gathering. You can consider direct observation, interviews and surveys for gathering the information. You can also consider focus group interviews for information. Apart from this, you can even consider using existing data about your audience.


This article discussed the usage of audience analysis for your PhD dissertation. It will help you to get primary data for your research. This article discussed why you should use audience analysis. Apart from this, it discussed major types of audience analysis. In the end, it discussed how you could conduct it for your research work.

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