In today’s fashion-conscious world everyone is well aware of a common skin problem – cellulite. Every fashion magazine has a Top Skin nightmare or a Top purse as the latest cellulite treatment. The fashion industry is really Believe it or not! The truth is there are creams and lotions there to advertise your every need and desire. But how can we know if what works for a person’s friend might not work for them?

That is the main reason I am writing this – to assist you in locating the best cellulite reducing creams available for you.

How to do this?

Step 1 amine your lifestyle. – Do you eat healthily? During times of food abundance, our body has a mechanism known as “mucous secretion”. This mechanism causes fat to be secreted through the stomach. However, when you are on the go this mechanism doesn’t work, hence the fat is accumulated in the thighs and buttocks – retaining the drawn look of various lumpy, orange peel skin.

Step 2 – examine the situations that cause you discomfort. – An examination of your habits to that of your friend may identify the situations that are causing you pain. These situations may be different but similar to each other. Are you allergy to certain foods? If you are not allergy-prone you may be allergic to some food and the secretions will accumulate in the thighs and buttocks. Are you under the weather? Does your lifestyle allow you to lead an active life? Are you a tea drinker? If you a tea drinker you might have a problem with cellulite.

Step 3 – cloud precaution. How much time do you spent in sunshine? Does your work place expose you to the sun? If you are a smoker – have you noticed a difference in your skin in two months? Your skin could have age spots. If you are under a lot of stress your skin could show signs of bruising. These are just a few of the factors you can investigate to see if you have cellulite.

Step 4 – What are you eating? – have you been watching what you eat for the past year? have you been seeing your complement whenever you go to the bakeshop? Have you been to the pool or spent time in the sun? What impression do the foods you eat give off? You may be telling all about your lifestyle but you don’t want it to look like a list of fatty acids and calories.

Step 5 – Water is your best friend. – No matter what your age or how well you take care of your skin, lack of hydration shows in the appearance of your skin. If you don’t drink water for a day or so your skin will immediately show the impact. Your body is made up of about 70% water so make sure you have at least 64 oz of water a day.

Step 6 – Exercise and sleep for hours. – There is no 6 packers, walk in water, ortubercise and ply the surf like most people do.Its just that you might want to consider Pilates or yoga. Think of it as aBeginner’s Guide to Begin Proper Skin Care. – Have you ever noticed that you have less cellulite on the buttocks and thighs when you exercise and sleep?

Step 7 – Use a concealer. Its water proof and typically comes in four ounces or one ounce. The lesser the maximalist coverage, the better. Always test for skin sensitivity in your inner thighs. Some ladies who used concealers to mask cellulite found that the cosmetic would loosen their synthetic stockings, allowing the fat to push through. Of course you have to see that it works to make sure it will stay on; that is why you have to keep on repeating the process until you are happy with the effects.

Now if you think this is all too much like getting rid of cellulite, then read step eight.

Step 8: Use creams that help to burn fat. – People who are already thin who want to lose weight should use a product that improves blood circulation in the thighs and buttocks. They can massage a cream in these areas 30 minutes a day. The creams you can try are those that have Retinol A in that they have stimulated the production of collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin break down with age, causing sags and increased fat tissue.

Step 9: Since the fat tends to sag, improve your butt and thighs with exercise. – Having toned muscles helps your skin appear firmer, but is also beneficial for the dermal layer, sort of like tightening a rubber band.

Step 10: Since cellulite is popular with older women, use a body cream. – Anti-cellulite creams are especially popular in the United States. There are a number of brands to choose from in this category.

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