Thinking about joining a yoga teacher training in India? Confused about where to join? In any case, you should join one of the best yoga schools in India. However, with the emergence of so many yoga schools at every corner in India, you might get confused.

So, to ensure you don’t get confused, you should know what the best yoga schools in India consist of. Keeping those points in mind, you can freely choose a yoga school. Thus, make sure you go through the following points and start your journey.

Features of Best Yoga Schools in India

Peaceful Location

One of the key features of the best yoga schools in India is their peaceful location. Hence, check out the location of your selected yoga school. If it is located in a tourist spot, you should completely avoid it. Being at a tourist spot will hamper your yoga practice.

Hence, you should choose a school which is located in a peaceful and serene location. Rishikesh is one of the best locations in the world to join a yoga teacher training course. Thus, it must be on your list to join the best yoga schools in India.


Another crucial thing that you must be aware of is the certification of the yoga school. It should be registered with the Yoga Alliance. Thus, you should enroll in a registered yoga school if you want to start your yoga journey.

Joining a registered yoga school makes you eligible to earn the Yoga Alliance certification. This comes in handy when you want to become a certified yoga teacher. Thus, you become eligible to teach yoga in any corner of the world with the Yoga Alliance certification.

Yoga Styles

Numerous yoga styles are there in the yoga world. The quest is to choose the right yoga form when you join a yoga school. Therefore, you should join a yoga school that offers a plethora of yoga forms at your disposal.

This helps you shift from one yoga form to the other in case you don’t want to continue with the current yoga style. Hence, it is one of the most crucial features of the best yoga schools in India. It enables you to explore different yoga styles to go with the one that aligns with the goal you have in your mind.

Different Yoga Course

A plethora of yoga teacher training courses is there. However, some registered yoga schools only excel in a single form of yoga teacher training. So, while looking for one of the best yoga schools in India, you should be aware of various forms of yoga courses.

For beginners, there are 200 hour YTT and for experienced, there are 300 hour and 500 hour YTT courses. So, you should be clear about where you want to enroll to get started with your yoga journey.

Availability of Yoga Material

Yoga props like yoga mats, blankets, blocks, blankets, and bolsters come in handy while practicing yoga. Therefore, you should know whether the chosen yoga school provides you with yoga material or not. In case they do not offer anything, do not join the school.

Moreover, yoga books and ancient manuscripts also come under the category of yoga material. They help you get authentic yoga knowledge and reference in case you encounter any doubts or confusion. So, yoga material is one of the important features of the best yoga schools in India.

Off-Mat Activities

Do you want to stick to the yoga mat alone during your yoga journey? Or, do you wish to explore the environment around you? Though the choice is yours. However, you must explore the local culture when you head to India to learn yoga.

It helps in expanding your perspective in life. You view the world around you in a different light when you become aware of different viewpoints. In short, one of the best yoga schools in India helps you with natural excursions as well.

Sum Up

One of the best yoga schools in India offers all the above given points. This further ensures you learn authentic yoga and preach the same to the world. Whether you look for a yoga center or a Vipassana meditation center, keeping important points in check always comes in handy.

After the completion of your course, you learn about the significance of choosing the best yoga school in India. In turn, you have the best yoga experience that ensures you become the best yoga master over time.