Macarons are bakery products that are enjoyed by some people. They look attractive due to the different colors that they can be made in. You can find them at parties, anniversaries, baby showers, etc. Therefore, they are associated with happy events. It is important to place the macarons in strong and attractive macaron boxes so that they look wonderful.

The following are 8 simple ways to design a macaron box allowing it to surprise people:

Make it Strong

If you have designed the macaron packaging in an attractive way but it is breaking, it will not give a good impression. This is why you should choose the best quality material to make the boxes so that they can remain strong and keep the product secure.

Macarons need to be consumed and so should stay away from germs and other external influences that can harm them. The boxes should be made with packaging material that does not have chemicals in it as these can go into the product harming it.

Popular materials to choose for macaron boxes wholesale include cardboard, corrugated cardboard, Kraft. These will keep the macarons safe as the box will be sturdy. Your loved ones will be happy when they see that you care about their health.

Right Size And Shape

The macaroon box must be the correct size and shape. Size is important if you want to make sure that the product remains safe. If the box is large the macarons can move around and get damaged. You will be spending more money on packaging material and transportation costs as well.

Packaging that is really small can cause the macarons to squish against each other and lose their shape and look. No one will be happy to receive these.

You may want to make a unique shaped macaron box. This is fine if it further protects the product. The shape should be able to easily stack in a store.

Attract Target Audience

It depends on who you have made the macarons for, the macaron packaging should attract these people. This is why you need to know the age, gender, etc. of the target individual.

For example, if the macarons are for ladies the packaging can be decent and sophisticated. You can choose light and soft colors to include in the box.

If the product is targeting kids, the packaging should be bright, colorful. It can include pictures of popular cartoon characters on it.

Provide Details About The Product

Macaron boxes wholesale are able to be informative in nature. This will help people know all about the product. You will need to know what consumers want to know and add that stuff to the packaging.

Make it be simple to read by including the details in a readable and attractive font. Choose its size and color carefully. For example, you may need to state the ingredients, nutritional information, manufacturing and expiry date, warnings, quantity, etc. on the macaroon box.

Special Points About Your Product

Use the macaron box to advertise and market your product. Design it attractively so that it stands out and allures the consumer base.

When people are attracted to it, they may want to consider getting it. You should state what makes your macarons special so that your loved one will want to try them out. You may have a unique flavored one.

Increase Brand Awareness

Macaron packaging can be designed in such a way that it increases brand awareness. If you get your business established in the market it will be seen as a professional and valid one. To increase brand awareness you can include a logo on the box. The logo should be designed so that it is memorable. It must be printed on the packaging of all your products.

You should also state the contact details of the brand on the packaging if you want it to be easy for people to contact you. Tell the physical address, phone number, email address, social media links, website, etc. on the box.

Choose the Right Style Box

There are different style printed boxes wholesale that you can get. Choose the one that your consumers will like.

For example, macarons have an attractive look so it may be a good idea to place them in a window box. With the help of the transparent window, people can see the alluring and delicious look of the product. This may encourage them to want to get it.

You can get gable boxes that have a handle. The handle lets it be easy for people to hold it. The box looks attractive as well.

Should Stand Out

Make sure to design the macaroon box in such a way that it stands out. It should look attractive so that your loved one can see the effort you have put into making it.

Select colors carefully here as these can make a box that looks amazing. You can consider choosing soft colors that suggest the sweetness and sensitivity of the product.

You may want to keep the original brown color of the box to give it a natural and simplistic feel. A handwritten note included will give the packaging a personal touch. Macaron boxes are a vital part of the product and should be designed carefully so that they attract. If you are giving the product to a loved one make sure to select good-quality material to make the box from.

It should remain strong so that it keeps the macarons secure. Keep in mind what the receiver of the product is drawn towards so that the packaging can be designed in a way that attracts them. Choose colors, images designs wisely, and do not add too much stuff so that the packaging looks bad and confusing. You can include bows, ribbons, etc. to further enhance the look of the packaging.