Traveling by car within the United Arab Emirates , and specifically driving in Dubai , may be a good idea, because it allows you to simply move around a city where distances are enormous to steer (especially if it’s hot) and where the metro doesn’t always assist you . concentrate on the sites you would like to go to . additionally , with a car you’ll enter at some point to nearby Abu Dhabi and visit the fascinating Sheikh Zayed Mosque.

There are numerous car Rentals in Dubai and the large ones have an office at Dubai airport. We rented it with National through Autoeurope since it had been the most cost effective option in our case, although as always you’ve got to match .

If you’ve got already decided or are thinking of renting a car, this entry will offer you some clues about the roads, tolls, parking…

Driving license
To drive in Dubai you simply need a national driver’s licence (note that in Abu Dhabi it seems that the international license is needed).

Although on the official website of the United Arab Emirates it says that to drive a car therein country you’ve got to urge a short lived driver’s license at the rental office (for this you would like 2 photos, a passport and a driving license), in our case we only They asked for the standard driver’s licence , they didn’t even want the international license that we had for other reasons.

How could it’s otherwise during a country with numerous oil wells, both gasoline and diesel abound and are less expensive than in Europe.

The roads
The roads in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are excellent , with an in depth network of expressways or multi-lane roads (we saw up to eight lanes in each direction on Dubai’s main expressway). Despite this, the traffic is intense and at peak times there are often traffic jams.

Although a priori one thinks that the United Arab Emirates will have few roads and it’ll be easy to seek out your way around, this is often not the case initially . For this reason, if you’ve got a smartphone, it’s highly recommended to hold a GPS map without data consumption, as we already recommended within the entry GPS app without roaming.

We went with MapsMe and it had been perfect, since we had previously marked the points of interest to save lots of time.

Or you always have the choice to shop for a SIM card before traveling to the United Arab Emirates, to possess data during your trip. At Holafly they’re going to offer you a 5% discount once you buy your card for being a reader of our blog.

Driving in Dubai
Driving is on the proper , seat belts are compulsory and therefore the blood alcohol level tolerated at the wheel is zero , with heavy fines and even days in jail for drunk driving.
The regulation varies and may reach 140 km/h on some highway sections. what’s convenient is to suits the bounds since there are numerous fixed speed cameras both in Dubai and on nearby roads. In any case, extreme precautions since traffic accidents are the most explanation for death within the United Arab Emirates.

If you unfortunately have an accident, you want to remain at the scene of the accident until the arrival of the police.
To make a change of direction , albeit the road has several lanes, it’s usually done from the lane furthest to the left, turning 180º and joining the lane furthest to the left (a fast lane); there’s usually a symbol indicating that the maneuver is allowed. the remainder of the traffic regulations are the standard ones, so it’ll not be strange to you.

Tolls: “Salik Charge Automatic”
Some of Dubai’s expressways are tolled . In them it’s not necessary to prevent to pay, what’s more, there are not any payment booths, but there are some arches above the road during which the “Salik” symbol is placed . whenever you pass under one among these arches, your mastercard are going to be charged the quantity of the toll (4AED in November 2015). within the contract of your rental car, you’ll put a clause specifying that they’re going to charge the “Salik Charge Automatic” on your mastercard once they receive it a couple of days after the top of your rental.

If you would like to save lots of the payment within the town of Dubai, you’ll undergo some parallel roads that aren’t toll roads, but they’re filled with traffic lights, they’re slow and sometimes they get stuck… you opt .
Here we leave you the points where the Dubai Salik tolls are

Parking in Dubai
In most of the streets of the town of Dubai you’ve got to pay to park , a minimum of at certain hours. Payment are often made by sending an SMS to a phone number indicated on the timer , although if your telephone card is foreign thanks to the additional cost of your telephone service , it’ll be costlier than paying with coins within the corresponding timer within the classic style.

The large shopping centers like the Dubai Mall (to go up to the Burj Khalifa), the Mall of Emirates or the Marina Mall (in an equivalent area as La Marina) have large free parking areas and usually without deadlines .

Some shops, cafes or restaurants are grouped in small shopping areas that have free community parking for a minimum of a couple of hours, only enough to eat or have a coffee. Always attempt to search for these car parks. Checkout: 1 day stopover in Dubai

Generally the shopping centers (for example the Carrefour near the old area) have free parking, a minimum of during the primary hours and therefore the following hours with lower prices than those on the road . they’re therefore the simplest option for parking in Dubai.