Becoming a certified yoga teacher is about leaving an ever-lasting impact on your students’ lives. As a yoga teacher, you hold the responsibility for the all-around development of everyone coming to your class.

However, if you are skeptical about signing up for yoga teacher training, we will let the yoga experts help you make the right decision.

With that said, given below are some life-changing benefits of enrolling in yoga teacher training.

Life-Changing Benefits of Yoga Teacher Training

The first step on this journey to become a yoga teacher is to let go of the stereotypes which surround the yoga community.

Therefore, it is time we look past all this and concentrate on what enrolling in the YTT Rishikesh offers you.

Unique Career Choice

The best part about becoming a certified yoga teacher is the freedom that comes with it. You have complete freedom to conduct classes on your terms and ethics. Moreover, you get the opportunity to connect with another person on a spiritual and mental level.

In comparison to the regular 9 to 5, yoga teaching is an experience that offers you so much more. For starters, you have the power to help others live a life with fewer worries and more happiness.

Improves Self-Awareness

The majority of problems in everyone’s lives are mostly a result of poor decisions. However, enrolling in the YTT Rishikesh gives you the chance to develop self-awareness. In later years, this transforms into not just fighting your inner demons but also helping others do the same.

Yoga frees you of the vice grip of ego, anger, greed, and hatred; all of which are hurdles to your growth on a mental and spiritual level. The yoga teacher training offers you once in a lifetime opportunity to dive deeper into yourself and live with more awareness and happiness.

Deepens Personal Practice

While learning a new skill, it is natural for a person to not have enough time to work on their goals. However, becoming a certified yoga teacher provides you the skills and ability to help others practice yoga and deepen a personal yoga practice. In the long run, this benefits your personal growth in a multitude of ways.

Offers In-Depth Conversations

Interacting with complete strangers as a yoga teacher helps you grow as an individual. You learn from other people’s mistakes and gain wisdom.

Therefore, when you enroll in the YTT Rishikesh it offers you the chance to interact with new people from different corners of the world. It gives you the wisdom to differentiate good from bad, healthy from unhealthy, and deep conversations from useless gossips.

However, for you to reap all these benefits there are a few mistakes which you should avoid at all costs.

Mistakes to Avoid During Yoga Teacher Training

Given below are three mistakes which you should not make at any cost when training to become a certified yoga teacher.

Losing Focus

Yoga is all about staying rooted in the present moment where life happens. However, at times you might lose focus, which is your worst enemy during the yoga teacher training program. The more distracted you are, the harder it will be to focus on the yoga teacher training.

Yoga experts recommend that you practice deep breathing close your eyes, and maintain a steady posture to bring the wandering mind back to the practice.


The biggest challenge you face when undergoing the YTT In Rishikesh is falling in the game of comparison. You will have the urge to check out how other yogis are practicing. At the same time, you would compare your practice with others.

Remember, yoga is a way of life and not a competitive sport. It is more about unlocking your hidden potential than comparing it with others in the class.

Holding Your Breathe

Forgetting to breathe during yoga practice is a costly mistake. You often do this to practice a challenging yoga asana in the right manner. However, all you manage to do is get dizzy and tired due to holding your breath for so long.

You should pay attention to breathing during the yoga teacher training, whether you do asana practice or meditation. Make sure to count each inhales and exhale as this will help you master the breathing technique with ease.


Want to share your love and passion for yoga with others? You should refer to this guide about yoga teacher training. Yoga experts recommend that you enroll in a certified YTT Rishikesh to learn everything about this ancient art from the best.

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