How to Post a GIF on Instagram?

GIFs are among the most effective methods to create interaction on social networks, such as Facebook and IG. They’re entertaining, fun, and creative, and everybody loves them. Stories will surely be exciting and captivating when you use these. Are you interested in learning how to publish GIFs on Instagram? It’s a simple process.

How to Post?

There are various ways to share this kind of file with friends via IG. While the most well-known method is to share them via the feed on an Android cellphone, the options are numerous. You can also post them via their computers or add them to their Instagram stories. By following these easy steps, everyone can begin sharing photos of their lives on this social media platform.

1. On Mobile

Making use of an Instagram GIF on an android smartphone is very easy. click here to install the GIPHY and IG applications installed. The rest is easy. Follow these steps and share your moving photos with customers or friends on social media networks.

  • Download the GIPHY application.
  • Look for a fun GIF to send to your friends.
  • Find the button in the form of a paper airplane beneath your desired GIF.
  • A list of possible sharing options will appear. Pick Instagram.
  • The IG application will begin.
  • They will want an access right to images. Could you give it?
  • There are two options. It can be posted either on the feed or on one’s own stories.
  • It will then upload it as the .mp4 file lasting 15 seconds and will be uploaded to the location you want to upload it to.
  • Finish the article by including hashtags, captions, and much more.

2. On Desktop

The process of learning to post GIFs on Instagram is pretty straightforward. However, it’s not as easy as on Mobile. Some actions need switching between devices and could take longer. Other than that it could be more suitable for those who prefer to use computers.

  • Go to We will guide users to the details page.
  • Find the IG button and click it. It is to the right in”Share It. “Share It” section.
  • A popup window that asks you to input the email addresses will pop up.
  • Please enter it in the text box and then.
  • It will then send the user a .mp4 file that contains the content you want.
  • Download it, and then share it with Instagram.

The 5 Steps to Add GIFs to an Instagram Story

Are you able to post GIFs in Instagram stories? Yes, you can. The process is simple and swift. In only five steps, users will be able to upload their best moving photos with their friends on IG stories.

  • Start the camera from within the app and click the smiling face. A variety of options will be displayed.
  • Check out the different options available and select one.
  • Press a button to zoom in or out, then rotate the image.
  • Choose as many as you like and click “Your Story” to post it.
  • If the image has been saved, one may also post it onto his blog feed.

How to Create a GIF and Post It on Instagram

Knowing how to post an image on Instagram isn’t all that is required for businesses. Many users would like to develop their own. There are many ways to go about it.

Method #1: Record It From Scratch

The GIPHY app can also allow users to make their content. The procedure is relatively easy. With an unwavering hand, a smartphone, and a humorous scenario, people will be able to capture amazing videos that people would want to send to friends.

  • Start the application and select the “+” symbol to create a new account.
  • The shutter on the camera should be held down to capture the GIF.
  • After the process is completed, the user can decide to apply filters if they would like.

The app converts the file to a .gif file which starts over after it has finished. Users can use the trimming tool to eliminate the bits they do not want.

Users can also tag their photos and upload them on GIPHY’s platform to share them with other users.

Method #2: Convert a Previously Recorded Video

It’s not necessary to keep the GIPHY app on hand to record anything that arises. You can also register using their cameras and convert the footage utilizing this program. This gives you endless options as even funny videos from years ago can be uploaded as GIF files. GIF file.

  • Launch the GIPHY application and then tap “+” to create an entirely new file.
  • Choose a file next to the shutter of your camera and convert the file.
  • The program will alter its layout at any time.

Users can add captions, filter stickers, and more. If there’s a component that needs to be eliminated, users can also trim the recorded.

Now, the creator can tag the image and decide if they want to share it with GIPHY or Facebook communities or keep it private.

Making custom stickers using Instagram GIFs is an excellent method of promoting your 

Create an individual Artist or a Company GIPHY account and ensure that it is verified.

Answer all questions the platform could ask to verify if the person is legitimate.

Once this process is completed, it is time to upload the files to become stickers. Make sure you tag them correctly to make it easy for people to locate them quickly.

For GIPHY to permit the use of their stickers, the images must comply with the content guidelines.

How to Use GIFs on Instagram Creatively

Excellent GIFs on Instagram can be the ideal supplement to most stories. There are a variety of ways to utilize GIFs on Instagram. The more imaginative one can be more creative, the better outcomes will be. These are only a few ideas. The possibilities are limitless.

Capture People’s Attention

Moving images are a fantastic way to show the best aspect of a story or encourage individuals to take action. People typically read stories for only a second or two, then move the image. If there are vivid, moving images, the story might be distinct.

Pinch, Turn and Move to Create Interesting Effects

IG is highly flexible in the creation of moving images. There are many methods to utilize them, including rotating them or altering their size. This can bring some flair to the narrative.

The great thing is that it can be accomplished very quickly, simply using a pinch of the fingers to make it easier or less the amount, twisting with two fingers to achieve an orientation change, or moving one to shift the position.

How to Pin Instagram Stories GIFs

Moving pictures can be pinned to a particular part of the video, ensuring that it is only shown at times you’d like. This way, it will be visible only at certain times. By doing this, it makes the story more intriguing and intriguing.

The procedure is straightforward. Select the pin, press the button, then hold it for a couple of minutes until a menu of choices appears. Click on the option which says “Pin,” and that is it.

Use On-Brand GIFs in the Right Amounts

Moving components in your story can make it more entertaining and exciting. Of course, it’s best not to overshadow the video, but if it is added in the right quantities, it could help to draw more attention.

Highlight Your Text

Texts can be dull without having something that makes the text stand out. This is why good flashy, short videos can be found. You can search them using keywords such as “Sparkles,” “Highlight,” or similar keywords. Test all the choices and then see which one makes a standout.