Handling fragile items is often an important task. Due to their fragility, we need to handle them with great care. Delivery may take longer, but the extra time that helps get them safely and intact to their destination is well worth it. You can use the custom mailer boxes wholesale option to get more boxes while shipping these fragile items. Shipping fragile items is a complete labor process, from packaging to shipping and delivery. Let’s look at some of the intricacies of packaging fragile items.

Packing fragile items can be difficult, but if we handle them with care, they probably won’t shatter.

What are fragile items / Products?

Fragile items can sometimes shatter or break faster than others. Such fragile items are called breakables. Items made of glass, tiles, jewelry, and tableware fall in this category. 

Probably the most challenging part of moving is dealing with fragile items. These items often have enormous economic and emotional value. Therefore, care must be taken in managing these items to ensure that they are delivered intact.

Additionally, we’ve heard of people who have broken TVs and china by carelessly and improperly handling them. If you want to keep fragile items in good shape, you need to know the process to move them from one place to another.

Challenges of Handling Fragile Items

Every day we encounter situations in which fragile items are moved. It can also happen during a move. Fragile items are usually pottery and electrical appliances. Therefore, we need to take special measures to ensure the safe handling of these devices.

How should fragile items be packaged?

How should fragile items be packaged? It is the most frequently asked question and important one. If you don’t want fragile items to break, you need to pack them carefully.

Hire experts.

Packing fragile items may seem complicated, but you can always ask an expert or professional for help. They know their job and can handle it better. Working with a moving company team can make your job easier. You don’t have to worry about packing, unpacking, and storing your belongings when you’re away. They are professionals who can handle these tasks with custom box packaging solutions, you can give them to good people.

Use appropriate packaging material.

It is important to use practical, non-damaging, and readily available materials. If you travel long distances and want to protect your luggage from damage, soft plastic, polystyrene, and pouches are suitable packaging materials.

Attach a label.

If you’re packing fragile items, put labels or small signs on bags and boxes to easily identify which items are where. It makes post-moving management easier. So it doesn’t hurt to get organized from the start. – Don’t be in a hurry! Don’t be in such a hurry that can waste all your efforts. These things are more likely to be broken or lost. Fragile items made of glass and other materials can also cause injury if you’re not careful.

Packaging boxes

To pack properly, you first need to write all the breakable items you’ll be packing. There are many fragile items, some more easily damaged than others. These items include fragile items such as hardware, kitchen utensils, cutlery, and decorative items such as mirrors and dolls.

It’s a good idea to look around the different rooms and make a list of breakables.

Types of Fragile Items

Start with electronics

The ideal way to package electronics is to use the first packaging. Equipment such as computer monitors and hard drives need to be secured during transport. For this, they should be securely fastened to the shipping case so that they cannot be moved during transportation.

Packaging of other fragile items

Make sure that you have taken the proper time in packing and wrapping fragile items. By doing this, you can avoid panic and further damage to the package. Consider the following ideas to protect these items.


Wrap plates and bowls in plastic wrap and secure with tape. Place them vertically in a small to medium box and cover the top and bottom of the container with folded and pressed paper or plastic wrap. For added security, place a sheet of paper vertically in the center of each plate.

Ideally, each cup should be placed in a separate box separated by cardboard for safe storage. You can wrap in the paper, line up, and use a clapboard box. Make sure the utensils are fully packed in the box, adding paper or plastic to make room if necessary.

Carrying large and delicate utensils

Items large enough to be individually wrapped should be wrapped in paper and placed in a container with extra paper or air pockets. Use spare paper or airbag wrap to fill in the gaps. You can use cardboard strips for extra support.

How should fragile items be packaged?

When packing fragile items, a few things can help you. It can give you peace of mind that items are unlikely to be damaged during long trips. Materials such as cardboard, cartons, wrapping paper, newspapers, plastic wrap, plastic furniture covers, crockery and glass containers, towels, rags, and all types of fabrics can be used for packaging.

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