MBA is a prestigious degree and the one to earn the degree is sure to land a starting job with six-figure salaries. The good thing about MBA is that it does not limit the students to opt for a job only. The graduates of Master’s in Business Administration are trained with entrepreneurship and they are fully capable of starting their businesses. (Masters, 2022)

Along with entrepreneurial training, the students of MBA are also provided other vigorous teachings and at last, are asked to demonstrate their dexterity and understand what they have acquired during the course through a dissertation which is called an MBA Dissertation or Thesis Report. 

MBA dissertations are used by the students to showcase their unique qualifications and understanding of business management and to allow the reader to grasp their commitment to the field. In addition to it, the dissertation is also an incredible opportunity to discuss appropriate experiences, people and events that motivated the student’s decision to opt for the field. (Abraham, n.d.)

Now often it happens that due to excessive academic load on the students, they take online MBA dissertation help to fulfil their obligation of the thesis report. While that is a good option to avail in the time of crises, in the long run, it has its repercussions. To avoid that, students are advised to write the dissertations on their own.

 However, to write the MBA dissertations there is a standard structure that has to be followed in order to have a well-articulated document. Following are some of the dos and don’ts of MBA dissertation writing; (, 2018)

Create an Action Plan

Students should start the writing in their head prior to on a paper. Students should start with short-listing MBA dissertation topics in business management and once it is done, have a clear, concrete plan about what and how the dissertation has to be written and structured. Once the students are clear with the instructions, they need to create an action plan and follow it religiously to avoid any ambiguity.   This way, even the most difficult topics could be completed as long as they’re a solid plan and it is followed. Also, the scholars suggest dividing the large part of assignments into smaller chunks so less effort and time is required to complete them.    Students must do not wait till the last moment to start writing their dissertations because a thesis report is the most important academic paper that a student has to formulate and waiting till the eleventh hour can make the paper haphazard and unclear.

Conduct prior research

Once the action plan is done, the next necessary step is to conduct the research to gather elaborative information on the topic. Extensive research helps the writer have in-depth insight into the topic they are writing about.   One thing that has to be considered when researching information is to choose credible resources. It is said that the more the research is conducted, the more successful the thesis will be because while researching, there is a chance to find some related discussions to the topic that might be helpful in the future. Students should not start writing without completing prior research because the information would not be completed and the report would be absurd

Literature Review

A literature review is must be added in the dissertation already existing research on a similar topic from different authors around the globe. The writer must have the dexterity to analyze the data and findings that are available on the comparable topics.   The collected literature review then helps the writer to draft their own paper, however, the following things should be considered while reviewing the literature, for example;   Is the literature review authentic and included the problem that the writer wants to discuss? is the literature written by an accredited and approved author? Is the final result of the researcher logical, appropriate, and convincing? (ThesisWritingHelp, n.d.)  Students should not submit the dissertation without the literature review because it then gives the idea that the student has not conducted the required research for the report

The above-mentioned are some of the most important aspects that should not be neglected when a student is writing a dissertation. However, there are a few pieces of advice that can also be helpful;

The Do’s

  1. Use concrete examples from real-life experience to support the thesis and to distinguish your dissertation from others.
  2. Choose the topic that interests you
  3. Proofread the draft before submitting
  4. Write clearly and succinctly
  5. Start the dissertation with an attention-grabbing and engaging description
  6. End the dissertation with a conclusion that restates your thesis.
  7. Revise the draft

The Don’ts

  1. Don’t include information that doesn’t support your thesis.
  2. Don’t use complex vocabulary.
  3. Don’t rely exclusively on your computer to check your spelling.
  4. Don’t be too argumentative
  5. Don’t put non-factual information


Writing a dissertation be it at any level of studies is not as difficult as it seems. All it requires is patience and practice to form a good dissertation and achieve good grades.

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