We all know that smartphones have affected our lives to the point that they’ve become a vital aspect of our lives. Smartphones today are as efficient as big laptops and computers. Smartphones are also able to take excellent videos and photos. That’s why picking a quality smartphone is vital, as it can perform tasks quickly and effortlessly, and capture occasional pictures and videos with no hiccups.

Things to take a look at when purchasing latest mobiles in pakistan


There are basically two extremely popular mobile platforms i.e. Android as well as iOS. Both come with many benefits and flaws.If you are a fan of customizing your device, then choose an Android. However, if you’re seeking a simple but efficient device, go with the iOS device(i.e. one like an iPhone). The biggest drawback for the iPhone is that they’re very expensive. If budget is a concern then you need to consider an Android-based device.


Processors handle everything done on smartphones at speeds that are comparable to a one blink. It completes every task with such speed and efficiency. We don’t even know that it is taking instructions for us, processing the data and running with speeds of light. It is therefore essential to select a reliable processor. Some of the most popular processors are Qualcomm Snapdragon, Apple Bionic, MediaTek Helio, and Samsung Exynos.If you are using your phone solely for messaging, calling or social media and watching videos then the processor will not be any big deal. However, if you’re an avid consumer (or perhaps want to play games frequently) it is recommended to consider a smartphone that has mid-range or high-

end processors by Qualcomm(In the case of Android). Mid-range processors comprise Snapdragon 700 series, while the top-end processors include Snapdragon 800 series. Snapdragon processors are the best on Android smartphones.


RAM is required to hold information to be able to function on the smartphone for use as an application. A lot of apps are run in the background, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others. They must run in the background in order to offer features such as sending notifications even when you’re not using your smartphone.

If you are using your phone for everyday tasks like browsing the internet and watching videos then 3-4GB of RAM should be plenty. If, however, you’re an extremely powerful user and multi-tasker(or even an avid gamer) you should have at least 6GB or more is recommended, in my opinion.

Smartphone Buying Guide: Choose The Right Size

Smartphones are becoming larger and more powerful every year in the size of a phone. However, bigger isn’t always better. The larger smartphones can be difficult and uncomfortable to use. One-handed operation is practically impossible on devices that are larger than six inches. My opinion is that the ideal size for smartphones should be 5.4 inches.


My suggestion for screen types would be to choose an IPS-LCD or AMOLED Display. Both display panels are really great. But, AMOLED has a higher quality in terms of color and brightness over LCD.

Another factor to think about is the screen’s resolution. Be sure to purchase the phone that has Full HD(FHD) or FHD+ as well as Quad HD(QHD) resolution. The distinction between FHD, FHD+, and QHD isn’t much and isn’t going to make a difference. Therefore, it’s not a big deal which one you decide to choose.


These days, new phones in pakistan are quite good at taking images. However, there are a few manufacturers that can offer cameras that are decent with a price that is affordable. My suggestion is to look up the camera comparison of the phone you’re looking at on YouTube particularly if you are purchasing a smartphone with the budget. Many people believe that having higher megapixels and better cameras will result in better pictures but that’s not always the case with phones.

A smartphone buying guide can help you purchase a smartphone to use for photography such as Google’s Pixel and Apple’s iPhone lineup offer the finest camera that you can find in the smartphone. They are among the top in the world of smartphones in terms of camera performance.


Reader-only memory (ROM) is one form of storage device which permanently stores data in personal computers (PCs) as well as other electronic devices.

A lot of what we save on our phones consumes storage. It is therefore essential to choose a device with enough storage. In general, 32GB of storage is sufficient for someone who performs regular tasks. In my opinion the smartphone should have at least 32GB of storage.


Batteries are essentially a piece of equipment that powers your phone. The battery is in every phone, and the majority of phones today do not offer the possibility of removing or changing the battery.

These days, smartphones can last for about 6-10 hours of uninterrupted use. Therefore, you should purchase a smartphone that has at least 4000 mAh or more for the assurance that you won’t need to recharge your phone time and again.

Internet Connectivity: As many of you know some smartphones are being released equipped with the feature known as “5G”. I am certain that many of you have been told that “5G is the future of smartphones”. It’s true. But, 5G will not be fully implemented until 3 to 4 years in a nation such as India. 4G is present in almost every smartphone currently. 5G phones cost a lot as well, and technology for it isn’t there yet.

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