We’ve been there. You’re trying to print a crucial document, but your printer is refusing to cooperate! You try again and get the same results. You are trying to determine the reason your printer isn’t working suddenly.

Such issues like why is my wireless printer not responding to my computer were a bit less frequent a couple of years just a few years ago. With the advent of wireless printers, they have been a common occurrence. Why? Its simple wireless technology needs more moving parts for it to function than older print-on-demand printers that were plug and play in the old days. But, I believe we all agree that printing from anyplace (and I’m talking about anywhere) anywhere in the world on the wireless printer is an amazing feat and is well more than the occasional inconvenience.

why is my wireless printer not responding to my computer

The Most Common Causes Of Wireless Printer Issues

What causes wireless printers to stand up to us? Many things could trigger the unwelcome errors that slink across our screens on computers (usually during the most unfavorable times, too). Let’s examine the most common causes and what you can do to resolve the issue.

  • The loss in Internet Connection – This is a common occurrence, however often we assume that Internet connectivity will be around and so we don’t realize that the cause could be an issue with the internet. A variety of factors could trigger the internet to go offline, such as an unexpected storm, an internet provider having issues or updating their services, or someone accidentally pressing the switch that turns off the router’s wireless. Sometimes, a simple reset on the router will fix everything within a matter of minutes.
  • Wireless Router Problems – As we’ve mentioned earlier there are times when it’s not the printer in any way it is a problem other than the multitude of gadgets that help make the wireless system function. If you discover that there’s an indication of a signal from your Internet connection, you might want to examine the router in the next step.
  • Computer Settings Problems – Sometimes, especially in these days of automatic updates that happen when the OS of our computer is updated, it may suddenly reset the computer’s settings altering the settings that which the printer must work properly. It could happen any time you install a brand new program or application onto your system.
  • Computer Updates Problems as mentioned earlier often when operating systems for computers software, hardware, or software are upgraded or updated, it may alter the settings that your printer, as well as other devices, require to operate properly. If you notice that you encounter issues with your printer, take a look at what’s been changed on your computer recently which could have tampered with the printer’s settings.
  • Issues with Printer Settings Similar to setting up your computer, settings for printers could be messed up in a variety of ways, including automatic updates, changes to the settings, or when you are powerless and your system goes down for a while.
  • Printer Updates Problems Sometimes, when updating software, there can be an error that occurs during the process, and the file could be damaged or have a missing component. In this case, it could create a myriad of issues.

The Ink Supplies are low or the Paper has jammed Paper jams and low ink supplies are commonplace every day, but often it’s not the first thing we think of when our printer is not working properly.

Methods to Resolve Wireless Printer Problems

We understand that wireless printing issues can be frustrating However before hitting a baseball bat at your device, you can try some of our suggestions below.

  • Check the queue of printers – It might sound like common sense, but how often have you faced problems with your printer and then discovered after an hour trying to print it that there’s a single print job from the last week that did not print, and it is hindering the currently printing job? It’s happened to each of us, more than when I’m certain. The first thing you should always look over is the print queue of your printer. It will show the status of every print job and whether they are in issue or are not. Make sure you’re sending the job to the right printer. This can be equally frustrating.
  • Attach the printer and your laptop with a USB cable to see if it’s an issue with the wireless signal or another issue – If you connect the printer to your computer using a USB cable and it works, you are certain that it is an issue with wireless. If, however, you connect your device to your computer using a USB cable but the printer doesn’t function You now know it’s likely to be an issue with the printer or software. This information will aid in directing your troubleshooting efforts in the right direction and towards an earlier resolution.
  • Verify that your device is connected to the correct network – We’ve all been there at one point or another. You print something out to the printer and wait…and wait…and continue to wait ….only to discover that the device has been automatically was connected to an incorrect network. Verify that your device is connected to that correct network. You can do this by verifying that in your settings. Then try printing once more.
  • Reboot – Sometimes, we all require a reset, and electronics are no exception. The longer the program is running, the greater the chance that there’ll be an error or hang-up that can be fixed by shutting it down, allowing it to rest for opportunity to rest before restarting it. This gives the device and software that runs on it the chance to restart to fix any communications or syncing problems that might cause an issue for your router, printer, or computer to communicate to one another. Sometimes, by rebooting everything, you can solve the issue completely.
  • The printer must be restarted.
  • Reboot the wireless router.
  • Reboot your computer.
  • Update all drivers and software for the printer, computer, and wireless routers – The latter is most likely to be the most frequent cause of printing issues according to us. Since Windows 10 arrived and the automatic updates were rolled into play, there’s usually an immediate correlation between problems with wireless printers and the newest Windows update.

If your printer begins to have issues, check to find out whether Windows has recently released an update to the operating system. If it has, it is likely that the update was unsuccessful or was corrupted. Alternatively, the update needs the driver for your printer to be upgraded to make it in sync with the Windows update. This could also mean that the update reset the settings of your printer, and you’ll need to reset all of them again.

There is no way to completely be able to avoid these issues, however, you can set a schedule to upgrade your software and drivers for your printer, computer, and wireless router each time there’s an important Windows update. So, you’re most likely to get your devices working well. In general, when an OS is updated, all other software has to be updated to make sure that it is fully compatible.

Move the printer If, after having done all of the above, you’re still having issues with wireless printers try changing the location of the printer. Keep in mind that when you’re printing wirelessly, you’re not only sending the file directly from your computer to the printer. Wireless printing will require the print job to be transferred via the internet to the wifi router, and after that, on to the wireless printer. If the computer is far from the router, or there is a thick wall or furniture that is between the two the signal may not be sufficient to fulfill the printing command. The move of the printer, as well as the Wireless router towards one and the other, could solve the issue and eliminate any printing problems.

  • reset the printer back to factory settings – Okay, you’ve tried all of the options but don’t have a solution for your wireless printing problems. We’re now offering you the option of (almost) the last option. It is commonly referred to as the “nuclear option,” therefore don’t do this lightly. The goal is to reset your printer back to its original settings. This means that the printer will be reset the same as it was when you removed it from the packaging and must be configured, set up, and then updated to make it work again. It will, however, fix any issues you’ve not been able to resolve.
  • Buy a brand new printer – and last but not least, is the choice of throwing out the old printer and purchasing the new printer. Based on the time you’ve owned the printer, it could be your only chance to print once more. Electronics have an end of time date, and printers have a lifespan within the range of 3 to 5 years. Then they’ll start to have issues with compatibility and start to fail. In addition, manufacturers generally end the process of updating software on older printers after they have different models available, which could begin to cause compatibility issues with the latest electronic devices. If your printer is always having issues that are difficult to fix or cannot be fixed, it may be at this point in its cycle. It’s the right time to shop for more advanced and superior printers and get back into the printing business