Transformation to the digital realm. For years, it’s been a B2B and B2C buzzword. But, in 2021, how do chief marketing officers (CMOs) see the state of digital transformation?

The worldwide access to high-speed internet and the COVID-19 epidemic has prompted an extraordinary focus on the digital revolution. Only 15% of organizations prioritized digital transformation before 2020, according to Forrester. However, Forrester estimates that by 2021, every organization will have integrated technology into every aspect of its operations.

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Nico Digital looked at search data and term patterns from Conductor Explorer & Google Trends in the past to see what’s on CMOs’ and other C-suite executives’ minds. Continue reading to discover more about how organizations are tackling digitalization today, as well as how issues like website migration, SEO, page speed, and web redesign play a role.

The interest in digital transformation is at its highest, best.

Digital transformation searches have steadily increased throughout the last five years, peaking in May & June of 2021. The four-five most popular searches are for information, indicating that CMOs and other company executives are interested in learning more about particular transformation strategies and instances. In fields like healthcare, I.T, and H.R, there’s also a demand for industry-specific knowledge.

We looked at search history and term patterns from Conductor Explorer and  Trends of Google previously to see what’s on CMOs’ and other C-suite executives’ minds. Continue reading to discover more about how organizations are tackling digitalization today, as well as how issues like web migration, SEO, (P.S) page speed, and website redesign play a role.

Consumer experience is always on the minds of CMO’s.

CMOs approach digital transformation through the prism of increasing the customer experience, according to data published in our latest B2B SaaS Industry Trends & Leaders in 2021 study (CX). According to search traffic statistics, many businesses are looking for online marketing solutions that will help them tackle all of their marketing problems at once while also improving customer experience. Other companies are looking for specialized firms and strategies for content marketing and social media.

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The Goal Is Co-Created By The Consumers.

The desire for digitalization in an organization may take numerous shapes. Certain network planning emphasizes efficiency and optimization, while others emphasize disruption and increased company agility. As long as the goal incorporates a customer-centric approach, there is no right or wrong method. Organizations should match their seeking to develop with their company goals and the value they want to provide to their consumers. When companies “dream big” and celebrate the aesthetic of the possibility, companies can establish a spatial and spectral resolution that challenges their market while simultaneously paving a value-driven route into the digital cyber age.

What function does search engine optimization (SEO) play in the digital economy?

Search engine optimization (SEO) companies are looking for techniques to improve keyword ranks. An effective website transfer may provide the groundwork for SEO success.

What is the definition of website relocation/migration?

Any event that drastically adjusts or overhauls your site in regions that have a big impact on its SEO is referred to as website relocation. At the resource center and migration hub, you may discover more about it.

When it comes to online development, how well does website relocation come in?

Firms are seeking into how website migration could assist them to boost their effectiveness online after the pandemic as they analyze their web performance. Over the last four years, we’ve seen a continuous 30 percent increase in search traffic for website transfer. The rising trend continued in March 2020–May 2021, with a 4% rise in website migration search traffic.

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The most recent peaks occurred in January 2020 and January 2021, signaling the start of many organizations’ annual budget planning cycles. In late 2021, we foresee a similar increase.

Whose website migration keywords will be the most popular in 2021? CMOs and corporate leaders are interested in learning much more about procedures and preparations for moving from one web server to another, according to keyword trends. Since March 2020, the most significant rise in a search request for domain transfers to some other account has been seen at Amazon Web Services and GoDaddy.

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In 2021, which SEO agency, consulting, and recruiting keywords will be the most popular?

Inquire for “SEO expert services” have increased by 550 percent since March 2020, indicating a strong demand for SEO assistance services. We notice a favorable trend when we focus just on hiring-related phrases from the Digital Marketing Job Trends report, with a rise of much more than 7% between 2019 to 2020.

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In the year 2021, which site performance keywords will be the most popular?

Starting from March 2020, the number of requests for assessing the site performance of a page has climbed significantly. Queries for “best website speed test tools” have risen by 1600%, according to Google trends. Businesses need tools to figure out which internet pages need to be loaded faster, according to brand searches.

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In 2021, which website redesign and development keywords will stand out? Companies are looking for a variety of possibilities for website makeover and development, according to keyword trends. A surge of 89 percent in “near me” searches indicates a need for local solutions. The “Dublin web design” trends are fascinating. Yet it’s the title of a specific agency, it might also indicate that American businesses are looking to transfer their website design in Ireland.

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Where can I learn more about the latest search trends in website migration, SEO, page speed, and web redesign?

Read the entire State of Digital Modernization in 2021 Trends Survey. We’ll It will show you how total search traffic for website migration, SEO, page performance, and web redesign and development has changed over time. You’ll also receive keyword research and analysis. Use the data to accelerate your company’s digitalization right now.

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