Going to a yoga class is itself a challenge for many! Watching countless Instagram and YouTube yoga gurus makes learning yoga almost equal to doing something way out of one’s league.

However, there is no doubt that taking the first yoga class as a complete beginner gives your body enough space to move and for the mind to experience a whole universe of emotions.

From relaxation and peace to extreme anxiety; there is a whole world of emotions you experience.

Keeping that in mind, yoga experts have come up with some things which you experience during or after the first yoga class when on yoga holidays.

Things You Experience After First Yoga Class

Given below are four things which you experience during or after a yoga class:

Increased Energy & Alertness

Once you get into the habit of yoga, you feel a sudden surge of energy throughout the day. Sounds a bit strange? Yes! Every physical activity or movement makes you less tired in the long run.

What actually happens is that yoga improves blood circulation through body movement. The better the blood circulation, the more oxygen your body and brain get, and the more nourished your body cells are. In the long run, this helps your body organs function more efficiently.

Add to that, there are several yoga asanas which in combination with deep breathing help improve your sleep quality. A deep good night sleep helps you wake up more relaxed and recharged to take on the day.

Increased Feelings of Joy & Happiness

Daily yoga practice has shown a positive impact on the change in your brain’s activity. It helps spike the GABA, a neurotransmitter which is responsible for the communication between your brain and nervous system.

Keep in mind that low levels of GABA have been linked to depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, and even problems with sleep. However, daily practice of yoga has proven useful in improving GABA levels in comparison to those who do not practice yoga.

With a higher GABA level, you have better mood, more life satisfaction, less anxiety, and mental relaxation. It is what makes enrolling in the Yoga Alliance certification worth your time and efforts.

Feeling Weak and Shaky

There are some physiological and emotional reasons to why you might feel shaky and weak after a yoga class. The physiological reasons include:


Being dehydrated during the yoga class happens due to an imbalance of electrolytes in your body. If you do not consume liquids in adequate quantity during yoga session, this can lead to you feeling drowsy.

Muscle Fatigue

Yoga is a low-impact workout. If you are new to yoga practice, at times you might overexert yourself and experience muscle fatigue after the class. This can make you feel tremors or become shaky. You can enroll in yoga holidays at a certified yoga school to stop this from happening.

Shallow Breathing

Shallow breathing is the number one reason for you to feel dizzy and shaky during the yoga session. As a beginner you might try to hold onto breathing during a yoga asana which is never a good idea.

Moreover, shallow breathing will make it difficult for oxygen to reach the muscles and brain which further leads to muscle tension and headache.

On a psychological level, you might experience emotional release which causes you to laugh or cry without apparent reason. It can also happen due to yoga’s ability to improve your self-awareness and mindfulness.

Feeling Nauseous

There are many reasons which can cause you to feel nauseous after or during a yoga class. It might happen if you have consumed a meal right before the class. Nausea can also occur as a result of blood from the GI tract and stomach being redirected to the working muscles.

It makes digestion slow and makes you uncomfortable. In the long run, yoga experts recommend that you avoid eating anything at least 2 to 3 hours before a yoga class. Keep snacks small and nutrient-packed.


Do you want to practice yoga without feeling too much discomfort? It is time you enroll in the Yoga Alliance certification to learn the ins and outs of proper yoga practice.