Tea is one of the most-loved beverages in the world. Tea lovers swear by its taste. It is an energy booster for many who prefer taking it as the kickstart beverage of the day. And why not? With so many brands, flavours, and blends available; tea undoubtedly is a widely used beverage globally. But if you experience tea stains in your clothes, then taking immediate action is the key to its treatment. This article will educate you about the different methods to remove tea stains from clothes.

Drinking tea in winters is one of the most-loved indulgences. Spilling tea on your clothing, bed sheets, or a carpet is a natural mistake that anyone can commit. But cleaning tea stains cannot be an easy task.

There are different types of tea available in the market. Eb it is green, black, chamomile, jasmine, hibiscus, or matcha; the fact is that it does leave a stain on the cloth when spilled.

Not only clothes, but you may also even experience tea stains due to the spilling of tea on bed sheets, upholstery, or carpet. And it is not easy to deal with stubborn tea stains. If you do not take immediate action, then the stain may seep deep into the fibre of the cloth and leave a permanent pigment. So, do not get lazy if you spill the tea in your favourite clothes.

Get up and take immediate action to get the best results.

Why does tea leave a stain on the fabric?

Tea leaves a stain on fabric because tea is manufactured using tea leaves and these leaves have a pigment named tannins. Tannins have a strong colour. Hence, tannin is also used as a colouring or dyeing agent for textures or textiles. Compared to coffee, tea leaves a stronger stain because coffee does not contain tannin acid.

Here are a few tricks to remove tea stains from clothes:

  • Use vinegar and dishwashing liquid

Vinegar is one of the versatile ingredients in your kitchen shelf that is used for cleaning multiple surfaces. It is also used for cooking and preserving eatables.

Vinegar has cleaning properties and thus is an ideal ingredient to remove tea stains also.

Take a bowl and mix 1 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid with 3 spoonfuls of vinegar. Dip the affected area of the clothing in the mixture and let it sit in the bowl for half an hour. Now wash the cloth with detergent and take the excess water out of it. Allow it to dry in the sunlight, preferably in a shade. You will see the difference when the cloth is dry. The stain will be gone.

  • Oxidising stain removal

It is easy to spot oxidising stain removal on the market. Invest in one that can be used in the future also. You can mix the required quantity of the stain remover oxidiser with cold water. Allow the cloth with tea stains to dip in the solution. Then take it out after 15 minutes and rinse with warm water.

  • Baby soap and water

So, baby soap can be used for removing tea stains on clothes. Warm water has good stain removing properties and immersing the cloth in a solution of baby-beauty soap and warm water will produce effective results.

  • Baking Soda

Baking soda is also known to have good and effective cleaning properties. Take a bowl of hot water and mix it with water at room temperature in a bucket to clean tea stains.  Then immerse the stained cloth in the hot water bucket. Then rub the stain with baking soda. Leave it on the cloth for 15-20 minutes and then rinse with warm water.

You can again wash the cloth with a mild detergent to get the best results.

  • Use a toothpaste

For this technique you will need a toothpaste and an old/used toothbrush. It is recommended to use this product on rough fabrics like rugs and not on soft fabrics. You can use it on carpets too. Take pea-sized toothpaste and then spread it on the affected area. Then use the toothbrush to rub it on the stained portion of the fabric. Then rinse the area with warm water and use a hair dryer to dry the spot. You can see the difference thereafter.

  • Lemon and Salt

Both the ingredients are easily available in every kitchen. When used together, the mixture can do wonders to remove the tea stain from the cloth. Lemon is acidic and has cleaning properties. Take salt water in a bowl of hot water. Then squeeze a few drops of lemon in it. Now, you can immerse the impacted area of the cloth in the solution. Allow it to be in the solution for 15 minutes. Then take it out and rinse with warm water. Dry the cloth and see the results.

Be careful while using lemon clothes because lemon is a natural bleach also. It may alter the colour of the fabric.

A word of caution: You may get tempted to use a paper towel to remove tea stains. But overcome your urge and never use a paper towel to treat tea stains because it can leave lint as residue on the stain that gets difficult to treat.

 Final Thoughts

If you are loyal to tea and want to maintain your love and loyalty towards it, then you have all the reasons for the same. And if just a spill on your favourite cloth can question your loyalty towards your loved beverage, then the above tricks are meant for you. How to remove tea stains from clothes – the question has been well-answered and you have a plethora of methods to treat the stain and save your clothes. So, maintain your love for tea and drink any kind of tea to satisfy your taste buds without any fear of staining your clothes because you have the tricks to remove the stain without much hassle. The biggest trick is to take an immediate step the moment it spills.

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