In the face of the economic downturn, many companies are holding back on giving generous gifts to their customers and employees. Year-end cruises with top employees or golf weekends at luxury resorts are a thing of the past for many struggling companies. But that doesn’t change the need to thank employees for their loyalty and work ethic and customers for their love of the company. Today, companies still want to express their gratitude to the talented employees and customers who make them successful. More than ever, they want to do so in a simple, cost-effective, and meaningful way. More and more companies are finding that their employees and customers love to receive food gifts and the best food gift is simply a delicious homemade cake.

1. Everyone loves cake

It’s extremely hard to find someone who doesn’t love cake. This is not surprising, as the cake is the epitome of comfort food. Cakes are a staple of any party and their tantalizing smell brings back memories of wonderful family gatherings from childhood. Everyone has a favorite cake or two. Chocolate lovers will swoon over a creamy, homemade chocolate cake, while traditionalists can’t resist a slice of warm, cinnamon-sweetened apple cake with a bowl of homemade vanilla ice cream melted into butter crust.

2. Simple

There’s a reason why this wonderful homemade cake has become a feast for holidays and other special occasions. Making a homemade cake literally takes all day. Preparing the batter, baking the batter, preparing the filling, assembling the cake, and baking it would take a lot of time and effort. Fortunately, there are now stores that specialize in homemade cakes. They are good at it and know how to prepare homemade delights better than you do. Most of the stores, bakeries, and cafes that specialize in pies have their own websites and you can easily order online.

3. Can be shipped anywhere

The ability to easily order homemade cakes online has made shipping unnecessary. Someone in California can order a homemade cake from a bakery in Texas and have it delivered to a recipient in New York. Gone are the days of going to a bakery to buy a dessert you couldn’t or wouldn’t make. Don’t worry, the packaging and delivery is done by professionals. Try: Best online Bakery

4. Create employee and customer loyalty

Employees and customers who receive a corporate cake are not only happy to receive the product, they also immediately feel the gratitude of the giver. This simple act of kindness shows care, respect and appreciation and will likely be rewarded in terms of loyalty and referrals.

5. Cake of the Month Club for VIPs

What could be better than receiving a cake in the mail? And it’s even better to receive a different cake every month. If you really want to thank them, sign up your VIPs and employees for the “Pie of the Month Club” and show them your love like no other. Enrolling these important people in the Pie of the Month Club is simple, inexpensive, and very convincing.


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