With the numerous environmental pollutants, dirt, debris around us, it is highly difficult to maintain your skin texture. If you have not taken good care of the skin, wash it regularly you might experience having some skin problems. These might leave scars on the face and these scars do not arise because of the pollutants, there arise due to various factors including pimples, accidents, and other problems.

Based on the scar and type of your skin, there are numerous ways to treat them. Having scars on your face is like giving treatment for two things, you need to resolve the acne first and then the scars once they are resolved. Thus, taking additional care is necessary to get smooth skin.

Here in this article, we discuss some of the treatment to resolve the acne scars on the skin:

Before going deep into the treatment, let us know the type of acne on the skin that might help you to know which treatment you need to take to get it resolved in short time. Taking the right acne scar treatment in Bangalore is necessary as you are dealing with the skin.

Acne are of three types:

Mild –

Usually start showing the white or black heads

Moderate –

Here you might see the acne turning into red and showing some inflammation near the white areas

Severe –

The acne seems to be painful with the formation of pus or lumps

Based on the above severity of the acne, they form two types of forms – gradual hole or narrow depression or scars that are deep.

Here are the treatments:

Laser treatment –

This is a recent technology that is been used by many dermatologists to ensure providing the best skin care. The laser removes the cells that are damaged on the skin and makes it tight thus leaving the skin appears smooth and soft. There are different types of laser treatment and based on the depression and depth, the treatment varies. Fractional laser treatment is done for the deeper scars as this does not involve any treatment on the top layer of the skin.

Treatment using the steroid injection –

Another treatment to treat the acne skin is to provide the steroid injections if they are in severe stage. These injections are giving on the scars that are elevated and thus gives a great appearance to the skin once the treatment is over.

Using the soft tissue fillers –

Other methods of resolving the acne scars include treating them with injection of collagen in the skin. This is usually done to give an unnoticeable appearance to the skin as the scars might not be treated to resolve it. Although the results are temporary, they are getting this done often.

Needling –

Another treatment to skin scars is through the skin needling. Here the dermatologist applies a chemical solution to the tissue thus reduces the adverse scars appearing on the skin. To maintain the skin texture, mild or moderate treatment is advisable. Before fixing the treatment, ensure to select the right acne scar clinic in Bangalore.

Conclusion If you with to treat the acne scars, above are the best treatment that are effective in resolving or eliminating these acne scars on th