Do you know that neon signs are one of the best marketing tools used these days? If not, know it here in our post today!

In the twentieth century began the gradual transformation of major cities around the world. With the onset of twilight, the streets changed beyond recognition, they were amazed by the beauty of glowing drawings and inscriptions. Signs became not only advertising of establishments, services, and others, but also additional lighting.

Neon advertising attracts people, especially in a dynamic performance, when the illusion of movement is created. The first versions of such lamps created simple compositions at the expense of the device. Now thanks to flexible tubes with a phosphor any creative ideas in the registration of luminous neon signs are easily embodied. The largest compositions can be found in Las Vegas and Chicago, the weight of one of them reaches 75 tons and uses just over 3,000 lamps.

Neon Sign – How neon constructions are arranged?

There are several types of advertising media, which differ in both lamps and their device. The classic version is an open neon sign.

All luminous elements are made of flexible tubes that are attached to a wall or structure. This is an inexpensive type of sign, and it is more often used inside buildings, as the elements are not protected from the weather. The second common option is a box in which the lamps are located. Neon letters or images are represented by tubes running around its perimeter or filling the entire interior space. The technology is most often used for installation on roofs. Boxes protect well the glowing lamps from bad weather.

Closed neon signs are hidden tubes inside structures. The light comes from a three-dimensional inscription or other elements. White backlighting is usually used, and color changes can be achieved with a large selection of translucent plastic. Countercurrent is a closed neon technology, which involves the installation of lamps inside the object. Images or letters are not transparent, and the backlight comes from them at some distance. As a result, the background glow looks very stylish, and this option is often used by fashion boutiques. Advertising signs are spectacular, and objects, most often letters, seem to hover over the light contour.

Modern neon lamps

The tube-shaped glass flask is filled with one of the types of noble gases, and as a result of a simple physical process, a glow occurs. Although neon signs are named after this substance, light is also emitted by other noble gases – xenon, helium, argon, or combinations thereof. The desired colors can be obtained by a combination of several gases, for example, blue emits argon, and red – neon. But if the tubes are covered with a phosphor, you can achieve any desired shade.

Pros of neon lamps

  • long service life;
  • uniformity of illumination;
  • no sound;
  • the softness of glow;
  • the low temperature that allows using lighting and in a house interior.

Designers often use the capabilities of neon for original light compositions in the decor of the premises. But it is necessary to consider that designing of illumination from the lamps filled with inert gas, is a task that should be completed only by experts.

Use of neon advertising

We can not imagine a modern metropolis without brightly colored lights. These are both informational and advertising signs located on the walls of buildings, roofs, or standing separately. Neon designs have a huge variety of styles, and their use for advertising purposes is effective. Inscriptions or images catch the eye of potential buyers, it is unobtrusive but attracts attention.

  • Such advertising has many advantages, including:
  • Positive perception of passers-by, as signs decorate the streets;
  • bright unusual objects are easy to remember;
  • versatility – installation is available in a variety of places;
  • glowing objects are visible from a distance.
  • low energy consumption.

Lighting in warm colors decorates the interiors of shopping centers, it makes the room cozier. The cold glow is more suitable for outdoor advertising adorned on the facades. A certain combination of colors can be selected to attract the target audience. For example, according to the psychology of color perception, blue and green are great for pharmacy signs. These are calm shades that are associated with hope, serenity. And on the billboards of outlets red prevails, which symbolizes well-being, beauty, happiness.

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