Water logic water softening system for the whole house

Hard water occurs when a water source is collected by naturally occurring limestone before passing through underground rocks to reach the mains. In areas with hard water, this phenomenon can be seen in many parts of the home. It can leave marks on crockery and tableware, stain sinks, baths and taps, clog pipes in boilers and tanks and shorten the life of hot water.

If hard water is used, there are not only visible, but also more damaging and expensive hidden effects. According to government statistics, about 1.5 millimeters of hard water accumulates per year. When it reaches 6 millimeters, fuel consumption can drop by up to 40%. Eventually, you’re plumbing and heating system will become less efficient and will need to be replaced. With soft water, new heating systems, bathrooms and kitchens are kept clean, extending their life and maintaining their efficiency.

Soft water can reverse the symptoms of hard water and rejuvenate hot water systems. Soft water dissolves and flushes out limescale deposits from pipes, restoring them to their natural state and increasing heating efficiency by up to 70%.

Water logic proposes to equip the project with a water treatment plant with a water dehumidifier. The aim of the treatment process was to efficiently and economically produce treated water from well water and municipal water. The filtration system is designed to provide the maximum product and the best results for the quality of the incoming water with a hardness of less than 50 mg/l, a water temperature of 25 °C and optimal efficiency.

Filtration systems with Water softening will be robustly engineered and designed to conservative standards to ensure versatility in the face of fluctuations in feed water quality and temperature. The system design shall include provisions for easy maintenance, easy access to the unit and automatic backwashing to minimize fouling and corrosion of the pipes.

The filtration plant providing the softener unit contains sand and post-dehumidification units, the multi-cartridge filter contains 01 5-micron filters to remove unwanted contaminants, the structural material used to manufacture the sand filter is FRP and the structural dehumidifier is made of FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) which is assembled for polishing the soft water fine filtration system.

Cabinet puller

Function Protects plants from weather, heat, rain and UV rays

Designed with an MS frame sandwiched between a double-sided 3-layer fiber glass sheet and thermal perforations. It is heat and water resistant and protects against UV rays (sunlight). The components are machined for easy mounting on the roof.

Single, double and triple Jumbos in big blue

The Jumbo filter housing (Class 3) removes chlorine and other chemical tastes, odors, stains and deposits, making the water in your home cleaner, clearer and safer. It also protects your appliances, equipment and plumbing. Our extra-large filter housings are typically installed in the main water line to your home.

Whole house water softening systems


FRP sand filter

FRP resin filter

Manual and automatic control valves

Sediment filters

Salt tanks (imported)

UPVC fittings

Anti-slip stainless steel

Dehumidifiers for domestic use

Fully automatic

FRP sand filter

FRP resin filter

Glass fiber reinforced plastic active carbon filter

Automatic control valves

Sediment filter

Salt solution tank Inlet

UPVC fittings

Anti-slip stainless steel