Construction and repairing work is something that needs to be left for the experts to look after. If one is thinking of making the polished concrete floors better looking and more effective, then grinding and polishing the floor is the best choice. Not only it will help improve the look, but will also add to its quality making it extra durable and long lasting. The floor will be more sturdy, cost-effective, and slip-resistant. You can also use this repair idea to give the interior a new look and make the aesthetically pleasing.

What is polished concrete?

polished concrete

Polished Concrete Flooring

Polishing of the concrete floor is the process that flows grinding. In polishing, abrasive materials are used to give a give to the top surface of the concrete floor. In grinding, heavy aggressive tools are used to cut the top layer of the concrete to remove imperfections. After that polishing is done to make the floor smoother and shinier. Floors of the following areas tend to have polished finished

  • residential building
  • warehouses
  • offices
  • restaurants
  • malls
  • schools
  • lobbies

Types of polishing

There are different types of polished concrete floors that are suitable for both residential and industrial spaces. Some of the common choices of polished concrete are

  • Cream polishing: Cream polishing is also called bronze polishing, as it gives a natural bronzy finish to the floor.
  • Exposed polishing: The exposed floors tend to have granites, shells, or other stones ingrained within the floor giving it a more stylish touch.
  • Gold/ salt-pepper polishing: The gold finish is when one can see a speck of concrete aggregates on the polished floor.

Benefits of polished concrete

When one chooses to add polished concrete flooring to the property, it can add one to its quality and overall value. Here are some of the benefits of polished concrete flooring.

  1. Slip-resistant: The floors are slip-resistant when they are polished. This is because of the fact that polished concrete has more coefficient of friction. Even if the surface of the floor looks shiny and slippery, one will not slip on it. This makes it safe for industrial purposes and also for residential setup. Without any polished concrete is one of the safest floors that help avoid accidents?
  2. Stain-resistant: Polished floors tend to be denser. The grinding process and the dandifying process make the floors less porous. As the porosity decreases, different particles cannot penetrate the upper surface of the floor. This means the polished concrete will not get stained due to dust, oil, or water. This will help maintain the look of the floor for a longer time.
  3. Easy to maintain: The polished floors are less vulnerable to stains and damages. This means the polished concrete floors are more durable and tend to have a longer life. It is easy to maintain and thus will help save both time and money.
  4. Better lighting: The reflective surface of the polished concrete floors not only enhances the aesthetics of the place but also helps in bettering the lighting of the room. As the surface of the floor is shiny and reflective, it helps increase the brightness of the light. It makes the place feel well-lit perfect for commercial setups.
  5. Better industrial life: The floors are not susceptible to wear and tear due to continuous tire friction, foot traffic, and heavyweight being dragged on it. This will help increase industrial efficiency and will avoid major expenses due to repair work or shutdown of the unit.
  6. Cost-effective: Lastly, polished floors are actually cost-effective in the long run. The floors are more durable, it will save money in maintenance. Also, it can retain heat and will not require floor covers and tiling on top of it.

Unlike tiles and wood panelling, floors will not require replacements and repair work that often. When the floors are given mechanized polishing, they tend to be more long-lasting. Polished concrete floors are perfect for varying settings. It is not only good-looking, but it is effective in increasing the efficiency of the place.

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