The majority of candle boxes packaging printing wholesale are constructed of cardboard or Kraft paper. In order to avoid accidents and property damage. If the boxes have been damaged, it is possible that the candles will not be in their original position. This article will go into greater detail about candle packaging. The best times and places to use candle boxes to keep your candles safe from damage With that said, without further ado, here are some suggestions for keeping your candles safe.

What is the best way to store candles in glass?

The majority of candles are packaged in either glass or plastic containers. Scratches and abrasions should be avoided at all costs. If the seller does not have sturdy candle boxes, he or she may lose money. The boxes are also long-lasting, and the originality of the contents is preserved. Items that are not protected within the boxes are unable to move. These candle boxes packaging printing wholesale keep candles safe from dust, heat, and other environmental factors. Separators and inserters are commonly used to keep candles from touching one another. Containers with a low strength can easily break. Market share may be lost if the casing is not adequately protected from the elements.

This holder is also capable of holding a candle upright. Scented candles are sold in glass candle boxes, which are ideal for retail sales. Among the most popular are aromatherapy candles infused with essential oils. Customers can see clearly through the transparent glass. Through the clear glass, customers can see and smell the products on display. This type of cardboard is also available in a variety of sizes, allowing retailers to easily supply products in a variety of shapes and sizes. It is possible to use this packaging to sell small candles, large cylindrical candles, soy scented candles, and candles of any other size.

Packing Instructions for Candles

Here are a few suggestions to assist sellers in distinguishing their products from those of their competitors.

Keep candles out of the vicinity of a fire

When selecting candle boxes, stay away from materials that are prone to catching fire. Due to the fact that candles are easily damaged by fire. To prevent this from happening, make certain that the box is shielded from fire, dust, and other potential sources of ignition. The seller, on the other hand, may be aware of the safety precautions that should be taken during packing.

Reshaping and fading should be avoided

The candle packaging boxes serve as a barrier between the product and the environment. Keep these boxes cool and dry at all times. Maintain a cool, but not below freezing, environment for the boxes. The reason for this is that the color and shape of the candles may fade when exposed to either extreme weather condition. It is recommended that sellers select candle boxes that are resistant to the elements. High temperatures have the potential to deform the candle boxes quality boxes. When it gets cold, they start to fade. Candles are also susceptible to freezing in cold weather. The users suffer as a result of this. They are fragile due to the absorption of moisture and the presence of cracks. The candles are protected from damage by the boxes.

Keep the scent and color of your candle intact

Keep the scents of scented candles fresh by storing them properly. Your customers will be dissatisfied if you do not comply. Because there are no holes in the boxes, the candles will last longer. There is no way for light to enter and cause damage to the candles. In addition, candles can be left burning in dark places for an extended period of time. Candle boxes for scented candles are not the same as regular candle containers. Only high-quality packaging can ensure that a fragrance is as enticing as this. Candles are frequently faded as a result of heat and UV rays. In order to attract customers, the packaging must be durable enough to keep the scent and color from escaping.

The location of candles is extremely important for protection reasons

Candles must be strategically placed in order to be effective in protecting them. Mini or votive candle boxes must have dividers in order to prevent the candles from overlapping one another. It helps to keep the candles in place and prevents them from becoming discolored. The use of upright packing, on the other hand, helps to prevent scratches and bending from within. As a seller, you have a responsibility to safeguard the candles. Placing taper candles horizontally reduces the likelihood of them being destroyed. In the boxes, there aren’t too many candles. Separate boxes help to keep the product from deforming. Extra security can be provided by wrapping the candles in bubble wrap or filling the empty spaces in the boxes. The bubble sheet shields the product from any significant damage. Taper candles should be packed in a box, and mini candles should be packed in separators.


To summarize the article, we must be aware of the safety precautions that must be taken before packing our valuables for travel. Wholesale candle boxes can be useful for retailers who sell candles in large quantities. These aren’t your average custom 30ml bottle packaging boxes. Candle boxes in bulk are available for purchase. It is also important that the boxes retain the scent of the candles while preventing discoloration and deformation of the candles. Because candles are already flammable, the containers must provide additional protection.