One of the most repeatedly asked questions by brides & grooms is, “When should we buy our wedding cake?” That’s a terrific question, and there is so much inconsistent information out there. So, we were rounded by our team at online cake delivery in South Africa services, website to gift cake online in pan India. Our team offers you all you require about the timeline for ordering wedding cakes in the city.

A decadent and elaborately embellished wedding cake is the centerpiece of your great day. Today, there are hundreds of alternatives when it arrives at wedding cakes. You can go with the classic tiered wedding cake or opt for stylish contemporary designs as per your choices. Wedding cakes can be customized in your favorite flavor – vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, blackberry, red velvet, pineapple, and more.

When it arrives at wedding cakes, forthcoming grooms & brides have two options:

  • Order from a traditional bakery in town
  • Or order a personalized & themed wedding cake from an online stores

If you’re skimming for a customized wedding cake that fits your theme & wedding decor, then we suggest placing your cake order at customized online stores. If you are going with the foremost choice, you can place the order just some days before the marriage. But you can get only a classic wedding cake.

Custom bakeries are operated by a small team of talented bakers & offer personalized cakes for varied occasions like marriages, anniversaries, birthday bashes, retirement parties, and more. Due to their tiny size, custom bakeries take only restricted orders per day. So, it’s positively suggested that you place your wedding cake order as early as feasible to guarantee that you don’t miss out on available appointments.

Here is a step-by-step manual to ordering wedding cakes:

Know Your Needs

If your marriage venue offers catering assistance, they may also be able to bake a custom cake for your marriage, so always check with your parcel manager before hiring an outside agent. If, however, you learn that you’re trustworthy for giving your big-day dessert, study local bakeries shortly after setting the date. Every cake baker has a various price spectrum, visual aesthetic for embellishments, and available flavor choices, so hunting one that checks all of your boxes may take some digging. If you’re having difficulty narrowing down the alternatives, schedule a cake tasting session for each candidate and vote on the best-tasting baked good.

Estimate Size

While requesting wedding cakes, you require considering the size of your visitor list. Your baker will assist you in figuring out the perfect size based on the number of visitors. Nevertheless, if you have always desired a large five-tier wedding cake, go for it, yet of the size of the marriage party. After all, it’s your great day, and you need nothing but the most useful.

Place The Order

Most online stores suggest placing your wedding cake order about six months before your great day. Some smaller bakeries fill their uneasiness fast, especially during peak wedding season, so booking early will guarantee you won’t run into scheduling matches. This will also present you with adequate time to schedule a talk, choose your preferred savor, and nail down the design. If you’re getting married during the off-season, the timeline can be more relaxed; you probably won’t run into any problems ordering a cake two or three months in advance online cake delivery in Saudi Arabia is available. Also, keep in mind that you’ll likely be required to put down a non-refundable guarantee (usually around 50% of the total price) to hold your uneasiness after booking.

Decide On The Flavor

Wedding cakes are available in an array of strange flavors. You can select any flavor that you like. Alternatively, you can have distinct flavors for each tier of the cake. This way, all your visitors can enjoy a lovely cake slice, irrespective of their taste choices.

Do A Taste Test

Once you have shortlisted your favored bakers in pan India, order a little 2733 kg cake from each of them in your favorite savor. This helps you try out the cake in person & compare the distinct flavors to find the excellent baker who suits your tastes.


Think you have missed ordering a wedding cake forward of time, no concerns. You can reach out to online stores & check with our team, as we can acclimate last-minute orders depending on availability.