Getting a job at a top law firm is a dream come true for many law graduates. Big Best dispute resolution law firms give you huge pay checks and the opportunity to work on big cases that may get the attention of the media and television.Working for a large law firm gives you a glamorous life and an opportunity to have fun with leading businessmen and celebrities.

It’s hard for twenty-one to be seduced by this razzle-dazzle.However, these ‘big law firms’ that promise a monthly salary of 12 lakh or more per year do not have more than 200 jobs offered, every year.Yes, there are small, well-run firms that offer good wages and a similar standard of living, but even when we are in the middle we do not have the more than 400 law firm jobs available for law graduates.

These jobs (unfortunately) are likely to go to the most successful students from the best NLUs, some very successful students from other good law schools and students who have relatives who want them.

Working for a Legal Company: Expectations Compared to Real

  • In addition, many law students do not understand what work in the law firm is all about.
  • While they expect to be able to work on big deals and integration and acquisitions right from the start, the reality is often different.
  • Initially, work in a law firm may involve performing many ‘fillings’, working ‘with due diligence’ related tasks or working on template-based contracts. The work of a younger partner is rarely interesting.
  • Surprisingly, law students do not seem to get this in their internships, and there are two reasons for this.
  • First, in less than a month, trainees do not go deeper into the operations of the law firm.
  • Second, peer pressure to join a law firm is enormous. Peer pressure can make you do funny things even when you are not feeling well.

Benefits Good and evil

  • For a young person with a law degree, working for a law firm can be good for many reasons. You make good money every hour you put in. He works on complex legal issues. He works with large clients who expect the level of advice to be high.
  • You are forced to do your best, which is always a good thing. You get to know what morals and attitudes mean.
  • For the ‘new’ person coming out of college, knowing the importance of punctuality, good dress, and good professional communication skills at the beginning of his career is very important. You work with good, competent people and, as they say, you are the total of the five people you sit with the most.
  • Your work in the law firm goes through many levels of review that help you learn on the go.
  • Lastly, working for a Top law firms in Delhi & Mumbai gives you a 360 degree view of various legal areas. A single agreement can cover many aspects of intellectual property, tax, and business law, and in all of that, your learning is repetitive.


  • However, working for a law firm is rarely hunky-dory. Many law firms in India are privately owned organizations and are not institutionalized. This means an extraordinary volume of ego and political games.
  • Working hours at a law firm can be crazy. Working hours 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on a typical day.
  • There may be ‘fun stages’ when you come back at 8pm and horrible where you come in after 2am and return to the office at 9am. This could also mean that your health and personal health will suffer.
  • Although you may not call your parents for many weeks, your supervisor’s call at midnight may not always be answered.
  • The job of a law firm is a whole desk job, which means you sit in front of a computer for long hours, and that hurts your body. [7]
  • Young lawyers are also deprived of the treatment they receive from older persons in law firms. Senior staff members who are able to deliver customers or who are able to manage teams are indicated by the department. Not surprisingly, the reduction rates in law firms are very high.

Want to Make It Big in the Law Factory ?

If you plan to persevere and make it great in the work of a law firm you need to keep a few things in mind:1. Note that a business goes through a series of ups and downs. Employment in the law firm is growing or declining accordingly.

There may be months when you need to pull more people at night and there may be days when you rub your thumbs most of the day.2. and 3. The second important factor is managing time, remembering the third important factor — your team. Partnering with your team is important.If your team knows you are the best lark during the day, only in emergencies can they pressure you to stay up too late. A good relationship with your partner will ensure that you are able to take care of your needs.3.

Finally, one needs to remember that the first few years of your working life are years when you can go back because you do not have many responsibilities to fulfil.It is a time when you can stretch to your limits to learn and grow. How far you plan to go is to take the call.

Things of Success

  • The official vine has the basics for a memorable career Here’s one thing: the success factors you should have for a partner are outlined in 3 Such as: Strength, Presence, and Availability (with a backlash).
  • A person who is available for a job 24 × 7 is usually preferred to someone who is in a high position with skill but who wants to relax on the weekends.
  • At the highest level, if you consider yourself a partner, your ability levels are lower. What matters is who you are as a person. Are you an interesting person who can connect with a client on a personal level? It is therefore important that you strive to be a perfect person from your college days.
  • All the work and no play makes Jack not a partner.
  • If skill, availability, and availability make a good friend, a partner is usually a Finder, Minder, Grinder or Binder.
  • Finder is the one that can get customers, Minder is the one that can manage teams, Grinder is great by law and Binder is able to put all this together.
  • Yes, most of the partners in law firms will have a mix of these qualities, but the Indian legal industry is full of examples of people who have risen to the top because they do one of these really well.

Skills Needed

1. Any person in the law firm will need excellent English language skills, both spoken and written.

2. Good legal research skills and writing skills.

3. As a young person in the law firm, you will need to develop good old-fashioned strength, the ability to stick to the early years of your career.

4. If you see yourself as a future partner, you will need to show leadership as a young person.

5. Ability to work in a team.

Salary and Job Development

Top law firms pay an annual salary of Rupees 10-14 lakh (plus profits and performance-based components), middle law firms pay a fee of Rupees 5-10 lakh, while small law firms pay anywhere between 2.5- rupees 5 lakh.

year.If you are competent, growth in the law firm is usually good and fast, both in terms of your role and responsibilities and the amount of money you earn.A partner can be a great partner in 2-4 years and a partner in 8-15 years. Depending on how good you are, salary increases may be between 10 and 50 percent each year.

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