Being pregnant is a hell of a task. You need to take some special care about the life breathing in your belly. One of the challenges in the later months of pregnancy is to be healthy and fit. That is why many women turn to yoga for pregnancy poses.

However, not everything you come across is for pregnant women. Therefore, you must be aware of the different yoga asanas you must avoid during pregnancy. Go through them so that you do not take the wrong step that might put you or the unborn in trouble. Read on

Avoid These Yoga For Pregnancy Poses


When you get to know that you are pregnant, you might wish to strengthen your spine with some deep twist yoga poses. However, that could compress the placenta and might lead to serious complications. It will worsen over time and might put the child in danger. So, you should not practice such yoga for pregnancy poses.

Core Work

Crunches or other yoga poses that work on your abdomen should be out of your list. Practicing this yoga for pregnancy poses compresses your belly and puts intense pressure. As a result, it leads to complications during delivering the child. You must replace these movements with planks or yoga for pregnancy poses that build your strength and stamina.

Forward Bend

Forward bending yoga poses put additional pressure on your lower back. Moreover, the growing stomach becomes a hurdle when you wish to bend forward. Therefore, you should avoid practicing forward bending poses with legs placed closely. However, you can do that by moving your legs wide apart and keeping your back straight.

Belly-Down Poses

Do you feel the urge to sleep on your stomach when you are pregnant? Well, you shouldn’t. Sleeping on your belly is uncomfortable for you and your child. So, you should give up all the belly-down yoga for pregnancy poses. You can swap these with some gentle Cat-Cow poses.

Vinyasa Yoga

If you are thinking about jumping into the Vinyasa yoga practice, you shouldn’t. Vinyasa yoga is an intense form of yoga. Therefore, you will have to go through different kinds of motions and movements. That would be putting you in a lot of compromising situations that can turn harmful for pregnant women. You should consult an RYT to know which other alternatives are good for you.

Backbend Poses

Some women who have been into yoga practice even before getting pregnant might practice backbend poses. However, those who have never stepped on a yoga mat must stay away from any yoga pose. This is not good for your lower back in pregnancy. So, you should consult the yoga teacher for other yoga poses.


Women are restricted to move much during pregnancy. Therefore, that makes the bones, muscles, and movements stiff and uncomfortable. Hence, you might have the urge to stretch. However, you must never end up splitting your legs or other intense yoga stretches. They are not good for pregnant women. So, stay away from all the stretching yoga for pregnancy poses.

Bikram Yoga

Also known as Hot Yoga, Bikram yoga raises the core temperature of your body. This raises the risk of overheating your body. Moreover, practicing Bikram yoga dehydrates your body. Not just that, it is an intense form of yoga. So, every point hints toward not enrolling in the Bikram yoga practice. You can join a YTT course that is structured for pregnant women.

Intense Pranayama

No doubt that you must breathe in deeply to keep your body working perfectly. However, when you are pregnant, there is life breathing inside you. So, you should not put intense pressure on your body. Moreover, the space inside your body decreases due to the presence of life in your body. Hence, you should completely avoid breathing intensely.


The art of yoga has numerous benefits for your mind and body. However, that does not mean you should be taking on everything you come across when pregnant. That should not be the case. Rather, you must be very selective while choosing different yoga for pregnancy poses.

Always consult with an RYT before finalizing your selection. Who knows, you might be walking down the wrong lane. So, to cut short, you need to avoid the above-mentioned yoga poses if you are pregnant for a healthy and safe pregnancy.