For those involved in an active yoga practice, meditation is also part of the package. Meditation is also an ancient yogic technique that offers the practitioner a plethora of benefits. You become aware of the self, develop compassion for others, and connect with the Supreme Consciousness.

With time, this ancient yogic technique has broken into numerous other techniques like transcendental, mindfulness, and Vipassana among others. One of these techniques is Guided meditation. As the name suggests, it is a meditation practice where your mind is shaped by another individual’s voice. However, there is a lot more this does.

Guided Meditation – The Basics

Since your mind is used to wandering off, you might find it easier to focus if the mind is not left on its own. A guided meditation session is led by an experienced meditation professional. The session can take place either in group settings, through mobile apps, podcasts, or videos.

Can Guided Meditation Help Me Beat Stress?

Stress is a modern-day epidemic which means it is the result of an ever-busy lifestyle and poor diet. Chances are you already know that mindfulness can help you keep stress at bay. However, the moment you try to sit down and meditate, your mind jumps endlessly from one thought to the next without a break.

At times, you might even feel that meditation only adds to the stress. However, guided meditation is a totally different story as it is also powerful stress relieving practice. There is also guided meditation for sleep to help you kick away all the stress and relax comfortably at night.

What Makes Guided Meditation So Special?

One thing which makes guided meditation easy for beginners is that it is easy to practice. Besides relaxation, it helps you face challenges like getting the anger under control.

Also, doing guided meditation for sleep has numerous health benefits like;

  • Improved sleep quality
  • Minimal stress and anxiety
  • Improved awareness and concentration

Is There a Particular Time to Practice Guided Meditation?

One major benefit of guided meditation is that you can do it anytime, whether it is day or night. Meditation experts recommend that you practice this yogic technique when your mind is cluttered with negativity or in an anxious state. You should enroll in a certified yoga school to learn about other types of guided meditation.

How Can I Practice Guided Meditation?

Doing guided meditation for sleep requires you to follow some easy-to-follow steps.

Keeping that in mind, given below is how you can practice this meditation technique with ease.

1. Find a Quiet and Comfortable Place

Remember, even though meditation is a practice to focus the mind, it still requires a peaceful environment. If you are in a place riddled with noise and distraction, find a place devoid of even the slightest noise. It might seem obvious but does help you focus on the meditation practice and remain focused in the present moment.

2. Follow the Instructions

For guided meditation for sleep to work its magic, all you need to do is follow the guided instructions without stressing your mind too much. Listen to the voice of the meditation expert and let go of everything holding you back.

3. Do Not Try to “Get Rid” of Thoughts

Meditation is a tool to help your mind focus on the present moment and not stop its ability to think. Keep in mind that thoughts, whether good or bad are part of the meditation process. Resisting them is futile as it only leads to more thoughts. Do not let the meditation experience go waste by trying to control what no one can.

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4. Release All Expectations

A painful truth of existence is that things hardly go as anyone wants them to. It is the same for guided meditation for sleep so expecting it to work right away is only a waste of time. For example, if you are sitting in a guided meditation session and experience sudden discomfort in your knees then focusing on that pain would cause you to miss out on the meditation session.

In other words, simply let go of the idea of what should and what should not happen during guided meditation sessions. You would have the best meditation experience!

5. Keep Practicing

Similar to working out at the gym, the more you meditate, the better the experience you have. If you want to see the best results with guided meditation then set a goal for everyday meditation without break.


Want to get rid of the daily stress and enjoy deep and peaceful sleep at night? You should learn and practice guided meditation for sleep under a meditation professional’s guidance. This meditation technique helps you release all mental clutter and focus on what matters.

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